Pure dry cargo Business failure memo

"entrepreneurship is not fun, more than 90% entrepreneurs must die, can survive is grave smoke." Angel investor Lei Jun had such a feeling. The author of this thesis @ Xu contend is a member of the 90%, as a record repeatedly defeated online entrepreneurs, he spent nearly eight words to share their interests, team encountered financing, cash and other issues, especially in detail, especially recommended for dry cargo,



has too many entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is difficult, at first I thought I was lucky slightly a bit poor, cause every business failure are not the same, I experienced a variety of entrepreneurial pain, but later I look around the business together with my brothers, to find business the life is so. Here, there is no lack of ridicule to write online games venture Raiders to share all of you. You have business failures experienced people who may have "xinyouqiqi Yan" feeling; business has not yet experienced the failure of friends, you may have a similar feeling, it would have to be careful, I hope you can learn a lesson; but haven’t started preparing business friends I hope you have a chance, please choose carefully! Also clearly remember that several you see every day of success and the case is only countless entrepreneurs among the countless sea is a drop in the bucket, 99.9% failure case is no chance through a variety of media into the sight of you, if you only see some seemingly simple success is so simple that entrepreneurship, I can responsibly say: you are wrong.

1 financing issues:

– risk investment is only the icing on the cake, not timely assistance. If you do not have ready-made products and has been in the market operation and profit, or your team is very famous, had created a brilliant success, venture capital will not consider investment to you, please don’t waste the time. If your team encountered a problem and want to find VC money, then please do not waste time, VC this time will not come to help you. The financial crisis, you should have seen a lot of VC, is the troubled company forced off cash to leave, don’t forget most of them are unlimited partnership, the fund lost money, partner to his own pocket


– for the special circumstances of the game industry, venture capital usually do not like to invest in pure R & D companies, because the development of a long time, the risk is large, the proportion of income is far lower than the operator. The developer has become very difficult to transform into a carrier, the funds and experience needed to go beyond the mere developers, so the operator is also very low probability of investment.

– on the market there are many so-called "angels", may be willing to invest in the early research and development team, but they are often not the gaming industry, is not very adequate funding, or on the surface is very abundant, but may not be willing to continue to take out investment >

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