The rise of the local community website e commerce community into the main operating mode

just A5 to see many friends wrote very sharp, said not to do e-commerce in local community, but to cherish their own point of view: the local community website to share rise into the main operation mode of electronic commerce community.

mode of operation and profitability of the website is the fundamental survival

a site wants to survive in today’s fierce market competition, to find their own business model and profitability is essential. While many development of the local community website due to the business model and profit means do not find suitable, so that in the fierce competition in the market gradually declined. In the Shijiazhuang forum, many community sites in the early stage have been large-scale marketing activities, increased visibility in a short time the site soon, but due to the lack of profit model and effective means, resulting in the website operation difficult to continue, the decline is inevitable.

and throughout the development of the Internet site, no matter what kind of Web site, in order to grow and develop, we must find suitable for their own development business model and profit means. With the professional type website as an example: the dating website mainly by the membership income and income activities; group purchase website mainly by the price of commodities and products promotion fee; classified sites mainly in product costs and advertising based business promotion. To sum up, each type of website is only in the development of its own business model and the development of the means of profit can gradually grow.

e-commerce community will become the development direction of local community website

with the development of Internet, electronic commerce also to all aspects of our lives in constant penetration, and the local community website combines with e-commerce, e-commerce community construction has become a new development direction of the local community website.

we mentioned in front of the local community website is based on the center of the city to serve the purpose of local life site. Then, the local has become a major feature of this type of site, the local community site service life should cover all aspects of social life, which, of course, including online shopping. Online shopping can now be said to be the current trend, and in November 11th the day of Taobao turnover is about 2000000000, so that the net profit level is still high. Our online plus the construction of local community website in the supermarket sector, where shopping network platform, online shopping platform of their own propaganda through effective propaganda way, so we can not only increase the website operation project to get more traffic, the most important is that we can obtain a stable source of profit through the difference as well as commodity promotion expenses etc., in the early development of the main profit model which is the local community website.

regional will become the competitive advantage of e-commerce community

may be a lot of people will have such a question: how do you have a fairly mature online shopping platform to compete for consumers to choose

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