Lu Songsong look at the operation of the network marketing from L carnitine

no matter what you do Ali mother, Google AdWords or Baidu promotion, you can see a competitive advertising: l-carnitine". These four strange words, suddenly appeared in front of the public. Today I am not discussing how to reduce weight the effect of L-carnitine, L-carnitine to illustrate mainly through this uncommon word: a scratch of the product is how to do network marketing? And through this popular product, how many webmaster Likotu.

L-carnitine weight loss birth and user attention

Hunan satellite TV, "Encyclopedia said that" holding a red word – l-carnitine". With the hit show, the term is understood by more and more people. With the increasing attention, the weight loss products, but also the emergence of numerous varieties of products, from L-carnitine milk tea to L-carnitine biscuits, etc..

as shown below, the search volume before the Spring Festival this year, users of L-carnitine is 0, but with the hit show, from the mid to late 2, instant search volume reached 30000, the search volume of 58000 peak, this is just Baidu index statistics.


(L-carnitine semi annual variation in the index of Baidu)

L-carnitine users a high degree of concern, it was natural to play on the network marketing attention, such as in Baidu search "s" in the top ten of all is the promotion, in all advertising can be seen everywhere in the L-carnitine for advertising, Lu Songsong in the blog Google AdSense show three link address among them, two are l-carnitine.

network marketing L-carnitine operation practices

weight loss can be said to be a very potential market, but because the industry is not standardized, fierce market competition, but this is precisely the characteristics of the industry profiteering. Lu Songsong checked on the Internet, the wholesale price of raw materials in 15 pounds, finished in a box around 20-40 yuan, and once to the hands of the ultimate businessman, a box of L-carnitine weight loss product price between 150-200 yuan. The power of network marketing is also growing, the future of the Internet will be more and more intense competition of high profit products. So, it is not surprising that the scene is as hot as shown above.

first step: choose a popular product

when we sold through the network products, the positioning of the product is very key, you must understand your product market size, target customers are willing to pay for your product, whether it is attractive enough for what you sell? And L-carnitine choices like webmaster caught a popular keyword in Lou Song Song Wen "network hot events after the formation" also mentioned how to predict popular keywords, interested friends can search.

second step: web design exquisite

web design is very important in a sales – oriented website, especially

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