A VS full of gunpowder full full network of outdoor advertising on the line

news February 25th Groupon into China has been the storm of controversy, attracted major domestic group purchase websites boycott, and the name "Gaopeng" emerging domestic group purchase enterprises full network, in the first leg of the domain name dispute for Gaopeng sold out VS war is fierce on the play. For the Groupon and copy after the occasion to hype full network behavior, full network that will resolutely fight in the end.



for full network bus waiting hall outdoor advertising

recently, according to the full network CEO Feng Xiaohai said that this year the full network will spend a billion dollars of ruthless smashing advertising, through large-scale coverage of the TV and the building of the subway advertising, in order to quickly strengthen the first brand of domestic group purchase high-end image quality. By the full network malicious speculation behavior of Groupon, has developed a series of programs and measures. Recently, when friends broke at work waiting for the bus, suddenly found the advertisement full network in station waiting hall, and concentrated on the Groupon office is located near Shuangjing, full network in the advertisement also specially marked as Gaopeng in full nets ", netizens exclaimed," is obviously a full network for friends for the ad, a "encircling the city’s potential" ah ", VS may develop into full Gaopeng is similar to the classic war 3Q war, the smell of gunpowder is more concentrated.

Groupon had recently set up a joint venture with Tencent Gaopeng had a short line, but without prior consent of party to the joint venture to Tencent, Tencent emergency shut down the site in the China server, but the site is still Hongkong online, but no information about the group purchase, Gao Peng "," contact "etc. the information bar is blank.


careful users found Groupon Hongkong website slogan impressively under the banner of "a group purchase!", the full network said, has noticed this detail, full network has instructed the legal department to intervene and carried out relevant evidence, once identified in the Groupon, then, full network infringement, will not hesitate to prosecute the firm will fight. At the same time the full network Groupon warned, "we welcome foreign counterparts in China to participate in the competition, but to be fair, the full network by malicious speculation their behavior is disgraceful". For full network move, netizens have said, warning, warning must be


is similar to Groupon in China suffered a lot of examples The climate does not suit one. in front of eBay, Google, and Yahoo! Has made the example, the entry of Groupon is just the group purchase market has a "two rich generation" (the Tencent investment) and "sea turtles" (Groupon in China) and the role of Groupon surrounded by enemies and Tencent cooperation has changed, no wonder full network CEO Feng Xiaohai said confidently, don’t be afraid to let foreign counterparts. "

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