Ali double 11 commodity goods overseas rival Amazon increased weight

Ali double 11 commodity today in increasing overseas commodity weight

rival Amazon

[TechWeb] news on October 30th, the beginning of the globalization of the first two 11 year ceremony held in Hangzhou, Alibaba officially announced the official launch of the dual 11 global strategy. Alibaba COO Zhang Yong said, many commodities have begun 11 double storage, starting today in recent years, Chinese consumer demand for foreign goods more and more intense, the timely launch of Tmall international to meet this demand. At the same time, overseas consumers and businesses can enjoy better service through Alibaba platform.

this year, Tmall international, Taobao overseas, such as the first time to participate in the sale of fast dual 11, Alibaba is the first time the largest annual shopping Carnival extended to the world. Behind this, the electricity supplier platform, rookie logistics platform, cloud computing, big data capabilities, such as the core of the global ecosystem has been initially established.

Zhang Yong said that in less than 11 weeks from the distance of less than two weeks, the Chinese consumers to all the holidays to globalization, although last year reached a total of 35 billion. In addition, he believes that the dual 11 not only belong to Alibaba, every year there are new content and value. First of all this year to put forward the globalization as a feature, I hope the world’s goods can be sold to China, China’s merchandise is also facing the world. This is a preliminary plan. The conference was held in cross-border e-commerce park. From the beginning of this year, double 11, Chinese consumers can buy more things, including overseas goods.

11 a lot of goods from the beginning of today has begun storage. Hope to have more goods in the future, through innovative way to the world.

Amazon had launched overseas direct mail mode, through to the implementation of the Shanghai free trade zone. Zhang Yong believes that the global commodity into the Chinese market, the entire logistics and customs clearance is the most critical. Future delivery, logistics and customs clearance will be able to provide a variety of solutions to our business. Convenient for businesses, through a safe and efficient way to consumers. "Unlike others, first we do not do retail, hoping to provide a new stage for global suppliers. Sold to consumers through Tmall international. Second, I hope to be able to provide users with a familiar language environment, commodity purchase environment. Rather than to a strange English site to buy overseas goods, whether from China or elsewhere, we can provide integrated shopping experience." Zhang Yong stressed.

In addition,

also followed the customs policy. Although the goods are bulk transported to the port, but ultimately need for split into a small parcel post to consumers, Chinese has a huge sea scouring the market, how to reduce the postage is the key. Alibaba will provide a package program.

according to rookie Wan Lin, a senior vice president of the network, the rookie network has been established to cover the world’s 5 continents overseas storage network and aviation trunk resources. For >

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