The city now boiled corn family lawyer Mo hit malicious cybersquatting abacus

"I sold a registered domain name to an art brokerage firm." Yantai, a department of art, grade four, Wang excitedly told reporters yesterday, said."

Wang in August this year, registered a domain name, the intention of his art works on the Internet to sell, I did not expect his domain name is exactly the same as the name of an art brokerage firm. The boss of the company in the agency of his art works, but also his domain name to 500 yuan higher than the cost price to buy down. Today, in addition to the sale of the king to see the sale of his paintings, but also registered 10 relatively good domain name, on the Internet to find buyers.

According to the Yantai

a comprehensive website for Mr. Yao introduced in April last year, the famous Google search engine company to millions of dollars redemption was another company registered CN domain name, CN domain name investment along with the popular, many tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of domain names to CN into high pay, considerable profits to attract a lot of people to join among them. Because of the domain name and corn pronunciation similar to the habit of registering the domain name in the circle of interest called boiled corn". Investment in the domain name is also known as "corn bug".

reporter in an interview found that Yantai’s corn bug is often contact with the network of young people. They dwell on the internet dedicated search has not been registered with a good domain name registration time, because the cost is very low, including some university students, young people are happy. But according to a statistics, with the "corn worm" the growth of the team, including COM, NET, CN etc. good domain name has been getting about, so many of them and will be transferred to the mobile information field.

at the beginning of 2005, the Ministry of information industry launched a new business on the Internet using mobile phone messages, known as "mobile phone number and trademark" SMS Web site, and because the network domain name is unique as, once again by many investors optimistic about. But unlike the network domain name is registered in Yantai SMNA investors have not is the figure of young people, 46 year old Liu had done medicine business, he recently once registered a few million SMS website, he told reporters that he is very optimistic about this area, some time ago "Crazy English" this is a SMS Web site keywords people in Shenzhen the price of 600 yuan per year registered, the last being bought at a price of 7000 yuan. Now more and more enterprises gradually increase the field of mobile Internet brand protection awareness, the next step of mobile communication after entering the 3G era, network interconnection feature phone is greatly enhanced, many investors are optimistic about this point, have registered.

reporter tried to send text messages with a number of keywords related to Yantai, found that there are many have been registered, it seems to have a sense of advance, corn bug is really a lot of. However, the reporter also learned that, despite the short message website business opportunities, it is not what domain names can be registered. It is easy for malicious cybersquatting "corn bug" enough to pay for something better. In February 5th this year

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