China has become the world’s first online shopping and courier electricity supplier logistics practi

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] (reporter Wang Qionghui) according to the data released by the State Post Bureau, 2015, the national courier service enterprise business volume totaled 20 billion 670 million, an increase of 48%, has three consecutive years of growth of more than 45%; business revenue totaled 276 billion 960 million yuan, an increase of 35.4%, three consecutive years of growth of more than 35%. China has become the world’s first online shopping and express power.

and assume the main delivery of electricity supplier logistics practitioners reached 2 million 33 thousand. This is the Beijing Jiaotong University, Ali Institute and rookie network jointly issued the national social electricity supplier logistics research report published in the data.

the survey selected tact, in the pass, the 12 appliance manufacturers logistics enterprises, more than 4 thousand and 500 valid questionnaires, combined with the national postal service express delivery industry data and Statistics Bureau online retail transaction volume data, and field visits to express site interviews.

socialization electricity supplier logistics in particular the form of third party to provide logistics services for online shopping, unlike the electricity supplier self logistics system. Socialization of electricity supplier logistics providers refers to the provision of social electricity supplier logistics services personnel, excluding Jingdong and other electricity supplier self logistics system practitioners. Specifically including the relevant logistics enterprise management personnel, courier, warehouse operators, truck drivers, customer service personnel, etc..


report shows that the total number of social logistics employees to 2 million 33 thousand people, including a staff of 1 million 636 thousand people (including personnel, personnel, operation site courier warehouse site management); second line staff of 338 thousand people (including warehouse sorting staff, customer service personnel, freight drivers); three line headquarters functions of personnel 59 thousand people.

from the past 10 years of development, from to 2016, the courier business grew by nearly 24 times, employing only an increase of nearly 13 times, the industry continued to improve operating efficiency.

has 6 into the courier site electricity supplier logistics accounted for more than 50%. 17.74% of the site electricity supplier logistics express proportion of the total amount reached 80%.

practitioners like


report shows that the courier for the majority of 20 to 30 years old, male, high school, technical school degree in secondary education is more common, nearly 80% of the rural population, the courier is the first occupation most of them.

has nearly 80% of the average number of employees working on the site every day in more than 8 hours a day, electricity providers often work for more than 12 hours. More than 24% courier daily working hours of more than 12 hours.

courier salary is composed of basic salary plus piecework wages, the annual basic salary will rise 8% to about 10%. From the salary point of view, the news monthly income over million courier is not much.

report shows that more than 50%

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