Online shopping trip cool encounter trap difficult rights

51 is approaching, people began to plan to travel. Domestic tourists online holiday products consumption continued to maintain rapid growth in the first quarter of this year, online travel providers and mobile client related complaints also increased. According to the recent complaints Hefei Consumers Association shows that the main problems of the people of Hefei on the online holiday product complaints focused on high refund fees, cancellation of orders and false propaganda.

travel consumer complaints increased, the Association announced the three traps

experienced the Spring Festival, Qingming holiday, a lot of consumer complaints about tourism began to increase. In early February of this year, Ms. Wang has been through the online travel website booking air tickets from Hefei to Guilin in Guangxi. Because something needs to be returned in advance, Ms. Wang after the refund, the site is only returned to Ms. Wang 80 yuan airport construction fees and fuel costs, and refund fees up to more than 890 yuan, nearly full price tickets.

Liu Hefei people had through an online travel website booking January Taiwan personal tour, before the payment service did not inform the entry permit processing time, after the payment of the site can not be on time for the entry permit, resulting in the cancellations, the site of admission no fault liability, should bear the loss by Mr. liu. When holiday travel troubles and the public Mr. Cai, he has participated in the organization of a tourism website of high-end European tour, promised all luxury service registration, not only travel spots shrink, restaurants and meals also repeatedly adjust or reduce the standard. After repeatedly with the website to negotiate compensation failed.

according to the public complaints, Hefei Consumers Association announced the three major tourist trap, one is the high refund fee. Some online travel site travel packages change cost is high, and some do not even support the refund. Two orders canceled for no reason. Three false propaganda.

CaseTrust reminder: beware of holiday cheap trap

May Day holiday is coming, in Hefei Consumers Association to remind consumers, 51 during the purchase of online travel products, should pay attention to the following points.

first, the purchase of tickets, must choose the regular website. Buy tickets first choice airways or reputable booking sites, if you want to refund, change, check, please call the airline official customer service hotline for confirmation, to prevent suffered phishing sites fraud. Secondly, the purchase of special offer tickets, about the price at the same time, should pay attention to the price after the preferential terms of use, especially the restrictions of refund and endorsement, to avoid large losses on.

two, hotel reservation, to confirm the best trip. Online booking hotel in addition to the inquiry on a number of sites, but also through the comparison of live reviews review, comprehensive consideration. Reservation before starting with the best hotel to confirm, to prevent some illegal businesses "super sale" behavior, at the same time in order to keep the order information online on rights.

three, booking tickets, buy feature packages, with particular attention to the use of conditions. On a number of sites, attractions played one dollar ticket, super

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