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either frequency survey or online parenting website stationmaster based transactions, can be clearly found or instinct, parenting website Chinese seems to be a hot piece of cake. In the huge market demand and market development and competition is relatively weak stimulation, not only the strength of the various princes have in the recent two years into this market segment, even our small owners also optimistic about the industry to enter. The target user groups on this market segment, which is Chinese about 20000000 newborn babies born each year, a total of more than 100 million children under 6 years of age, pregnant women and infants and mothers of this huge crowd, this small 1000 parenting website can bring to their value how much? How we as a webmaster. Can this 1000 website talent shows itself in the


first, the development and development of traditional parenting e-commerce website

in the current Chinese parenting classes of electronic commerce website, friends of music, red child, early entry into the market is ok baby parenting, on behalf of their development can be used as a parenting class of electronic commerce website. From the user’s point of view the value for this market is for the target user: the gestation period mothers and mothers of infants, the mode of e-commerce on the Internet, compared with the traditional store shopping, can save time and energy and other advantages. Time and energy is the most important factor in this stage of the mother. Especially for non consumer products experience like diapers, milk powder such as standardization, e-commerce model is to provide users with more convenient to buy. Moreover, with the 70 generations after the younger generation of mothers on the Internet is no longer strange, there is reason to believe that the choice of e-commerce products to buy maternal products will gradually expand the mother group.

admittedly, e-commerce model has its inherent advantages, but also inevitably have deficiencies. For users, although e-commerce to help them to reduce the number of purchases of the pressure of work, but after all, baby raising children is a very complicated, professional and lengthy project, far from the electronic commerce service can provide the services so simple. For every pregnant women and mothers, they need to learn relevant knowledge, and fellow of the exchange of experience, to the expert advice, to express their feelings. And these are very urgent and complex needs of users, these are the center of e-commerce as the center of the parenting website is difficult to take into account the comprehensive. In the early to enter the market with its fancy baby as an example, in order to maintain the target user, the help of the user community at the same time, even after several years of development, but the number of daily online often only a few hundred people, all net or even just entering the market only a few months.

two, Web2.0 model based on the value of the site to the user and its possible business opportunities

talk about the value of the site to reflect the user, we can not help but mention those based on the Web2.0 model parenting website. Ever since the baby tree

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