NatureMade settled into a lot of mall the scene is the key marketing

recently, a lot of mobile social networking providers announced that the United States and the famous nutrition brand Nature Made reached a formal cooperation, the latter will be settled in a lot of shopping mall, the United States for consumers to bring nutrition products. Fight a lot of aspects will also be given to the latter in the brand marketing, traffic.


with the years of national quality of life continues to improve, the nutrition and health care demand is also increasing, overseas news also panic buying such goods are reported, the domestic market has been the rapid growth of nutrition and health care. But because of the special nature of the product, consumers generally prefer foreign brands, they have better quality, with Nature Made as an example, its production has been insisting only through scientific argumentation products, and strictly abide by the relevant United States Pharmacopoeia dietary supplement production standard and special standard, high reputation on the market in the United states.

previously, domestic consumers want to buy Nature Made products is relatively difficult, in addition to go abroad to buy purchasing is scouring the sea, in recent years has officially entered the China market, commodity sales is in the leading nutrition on Tmall. For this and a lot of cooperation and stay together to fight the mall, Nature Made Chinese head showed great interest, he said: "Nature Made is a decades old nutrition brand, but in Chinese he is still very young, we want more people to understand the Nature Made, and he represents health and, the high quality life style".


fight a lot in recent years the rise of mobile social electricity supplier, fight mode to social sharing quickly in the WeChat circle of friends and other social circles, but this model also makes commodity information dissemination platform is more accurate and lower cost compared to other channels, but you can find the target users, and the social chain of high activity, strong the relationship between the scene and diversity characteristics, also effectively enhance the consumer shopping frequency. Nature Made is also fancy a lot of social electricity providers on behalf of the advantages in this area, hoping to take the east to achieve a more rapid growth in the domestic nutrition and health care market.

public information, Nature Made founded more than 40 years, has been committed to helping customers achieve healthy and high-quality life, deep sea fish oil, viartril-s and other products are favored by consumers. According to the authoritative investigation agency A.C Nielsen statistics, since 2007, mainly in the United States vitamin brand sales have been way ahead. It is reported that, Nature Made has insisted that only the production of scientific demonstration of the product, but also the preferred brand of American pharmacists.

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