Many institutions involved in domain name disputes whirlpool

I have a large number of well-known institutions of Chinese domain names for sale, interested parties please contact XXX, mobile phone: XXX." It is extremely common in the network, such as cybersquatting, also many events. In general, all units have been registered a complaint to the court. The international bank, French Paris bank Chinese registered the domain name to become the target of lawsuits from Hongkong to Shanghai.

day before the case in the Shanghai court of Pudong New Area court again, the perpetrators Lee sued the French bank of Paris, asking the court to confirm your registration of the domain name does not infringe trademark rights of each other.

October 2006, Mr. Lee registered the French bank of Paris,.Cn, according to the practice, while enjoying the French bank of Paris, China and other related 4 domain names. After the discovery of the Bank of Paris, on May 2007, 18 to the Hongkong International Arbitration Center complaint, request the ruling to transfer the domain name to the Bank of Paris. According to the Hongkong International Arbitration Center verdict, the disputed domain name must be transferred to the Bank of Paris, but registered Mr. Lee refused to accept the ruling, bring a lawsuit to the Shanghai Pudong New Area court, asked to confirm their own domain name no trademark infringement of the Bank of Paris france.



in the trial, Lee said that he is not malicious cybersquatting, but after it has been registered for use. The Bank of Paris’s attorney pointed out that Mr. Li is registered in the "Bank of Paris" domain name at the same time, also registered as "Jinmao group", "Beijing urban construction (market share it)" and "permanent shares" well-known enterprises such as the domain name, and intends to sell on the Internet, its purpose is to "domain name speculation" to make a profit.

and Lee said that other well-known domain name is not registered by him, because these domain names and the Bank of Paris left the administrator mailbox is not the same. So, the Bank of Paris, a party can prove that he is the occupation registered person, and is therefore malicious registration, does not meet the "Chinese CNNIC domain name dispute resolution procedures" provisions of article eighth of the domain name transfer condition.

Bank of Paris’s attorney argued that the "Bank of Paris" in the world and in Chinese reputation, Mr. Li is unlikely to have known the name of it, Mr. Lee has not trusted or reasonable grounds to register or use the same "French Paris bank" trademark disputes of domain name, the domain name and will cause confusion in the public the. Therefore, the lawyer believes that Lee registered domain name is intended to sell to the Bank of Paris, or any third party to sell, lease or otherwise transfer, in order to seek illegitimate interests. And the domain name is not linked to a valid site.

in addition, the Bank of Paris, Mr. Lee denied the Bank of Paris to use its registered trademark "Paris bank" as the name of legal rights, and the familiar name "French Paris bank" the customer will try to find the Bank of Paris’s website with the same name, but the results found that the domain name is bound to affect more in name than in reality. The Bank of Paris business.


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