11 suspected repaying 6 businessmen Tmall real time check brush


] the night of November 11th news billion state power network, Tmall double 11 war started, there are reports of six brand businesses because of brush to get out of the double 11 category branch field sources, can only be marking, organized promotional activities in the shop, but the venue completely lost position and flow of resources.


sources suspected exposure by Tmall processing businesses list: Peter Getty flagship stores, flagship stores, Smiar love Michael official flagship store, FallinMiss shoes, mystery camel men’s flagship store, Rafi Steen flagship store.


are suspected to be expelled from the venue of the 11 double brand mainly relates to men’s shoes, women’s shoes, men’s clothing, bags and other categories. Billion state power network checked the double 11 branch field these categories, did not find traces of these businesses.

a businessman pointed out that during the sale of the dual 11 Tmall system will conduct a real-time investigation of false trading behavior, real-time punishment, if a commodity merchant right down, the whole store will be investigated. System error rate is very low, double 11 is about to begin, these businesses have no room for maneuver."

the source pointed out that, if there is no venue resources, these businesses double 11 day sales will shrink by at least 30%, or even higher.

at the same time, the sources said, although Tmall has governance brush single determination, but for large businesses, big brands still have fear.

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