Taobao mall part of the merchant dissatisfaction to improve the collective assault big sellers


part of the seller through YY contact



sellers malicious will buy a portion of the goods under the frame of


technology news October 12th morning news, Taobao mall greatly improve the service fees and the security deposit sparked fierce opposition part of small sellers, they buy through malicious methods on Taobao mall big sellers for collective attack to vent their dissatisfaction.

7000 malicious attack big seller

11 evening, thousands of small businesses through language chat tools YY, forums and other ways to contact the Taobao mall big sellers malicious attacks.

One way to attack the

is to focus on the purchase of a store’s merchandise, payment after completion of the purchase, and give 0 or 1 points of the evaluation, and then apply for a refund immediately. According to the rules of Taobao mall, the user within 7 days can be no reason for a refund, if the shops do not delivery or no refund, will get the point penalty Taobao mall.

Sina witnessed the attack a "Taobao mall new policy seminar" YY group of Taobao mall big sellers "Julius". The first selected targets, and then buy the link to YY group, less than 10 minutes, the mall’s most commodity sales increase, but after a few minutes showed "off the shelf" (i.e., the seller will not buy goods is set to state).

as of 23:53 that night, Taobao mall New Policy Seminar YY group has about 7000 people online at the same time. The affected businesses also include starry, UNIQLO, seven princess Taobao mall big sellers, malicious purchase most of the goods the seller was led off the shelf.

Taobao mall new policy seminar, the main participants of sina technology, said: today’s event is just a prelude, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow will continue to act. We are in this way to express dissatisfaction with the terms of Taobao mall overlord."

"all the attacks are innocent shop"

Taobao mall

profit model is to charge fees for technical services to enterprises, specific for turnover (excluding postage) × goods corresponding technical service fee for technical service fee + fee. October 10th, Taobao mall will be 6000 yuan per year before the technical service fee increased to $30 thousand and $two grade.

addition, Taobao mall has also established a new system of liability for breach of contract margin businesses, businesses stationed in Taobao mall will be based on the business or brand to pay the default margin. Once the business has reached a certain degree of breach of contract, will be deducted at least 10 thousand yuan margin.

, an unnamed Taobao mall small sellers said, Taobao mall significantly improve the service fee and store deposit >

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