Tencent to Dangdang price war trying to take advantage of each other to save marriage spoiler

compared with Tencent electricity supplier, Dangdang current situation is limited. Although the sales leader in the field of books, but in the United China Jingdong, Amazon containment mall, suning.com and other electricity providers in the field of books, dangdang.com Toubajiaoyi does not sit well.

in the Jingdong and suning.com mall of the two price war hero played awfully on the occasion, dangdang.com but in hunting aid plump wings. The author was informed in June 13th, Tencent electricity supplier has become Dangdang new strategy of going out strategy. The latter will operate exclusively under the Tencent’s QQ online shopping books, maternal and child business. The industry believes that not bright earnings to dangdang.com lack of confidence, only through other ways in the fierce price war in the "spoiler".

Dangdang high-profile stationed Tencent Dangdang relevant responsible person said on June 13th, Dangdang will be signed with the electricity supplier Tencent exclusive agreement, Dangdang exclusive operation of Tencent’s QQ online shopping books, maternal and child business. But the details of Dangdang did not disclose, but said that it will be officially released this news next week.

, according to a person familiar with the situation, Dangdang QQ online shopping channel will be online next week, the mother channel is expected to be formally launched in July. Moreover, Dangdang into the Tencent platform, the future of the user in the QQ online shopping generated orders, Dangdang shipping packaging will have QQ online shopping LOGO. But the two sides do not involve any cooperation in the capital level. Dangdang.com and Tencent in wildly beating gongs and drums cooperation at the same time, Taobao and untie the knot of dangdang.com, and Tmall book business cooperation has been basically finalized, ongoing technical docking, hopefully in July will be officially settled in Tmall.

iResearch senior analyst Su Huiyan said that the two sides are complementary cooperation. Dangdang as a professional book retailers, procurement scale and cost of a great advantage; Tencent has a large user base, can provide a huge flow of dangdang.

Analysys analyst Chen Shousong believes that the Tencent business has just started, the business has not yet made. In 2012, the Tencent business goal is clear, at least to the impact on the formation of the Jingdong, Tmall mall leader, play a spoiler role, so in 2012 whether the mainstream category coverage become the priority among priorities, as for later success depends on its future development.

wants to save

‘s marriage to each other

previously, Tencent electricity supplier in the field of books has not been force. The industry believes that after the integration of the electricity supplier business, Dangdang settled in fact is to supplement the short board in the field of electronic business platform Tencent.

author in June 13th, Tencent’s QQ online shopping channel to see, many books are not recorded in three months, and even some of the popular book sales is quite bleak. As of the afternoon of June 13th, ranked in the best-selling book Dangdang, published by the author of the "good mother is better than a good teacher," the review has more than 40 thousand, and in the QQ online shopping in the book’s sales

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