Tmall shopping abroad and then enlarge the largest joint venture group

July 28th, Tmall international group together the largest duty-free shops in Xinluo group, the largest duty-free shops in Thailand group Royal Group (KingPower) reached an exclusive strategic cooperation, three party jointly announced the first to start the project in Chinese gallerias.


Tmall international general manager Liu Peng said at the press conference: "during the Spring Festival in 2015, the industry has been rumored to Tmall international gallerias project, will now be announced publicly, and innovation through the cross-border import electricity supplier, Tmall pioneered the introduction of countries directly into the duty-free shops in the new model, opened the country’s overseas shopping tour."

SamSung group company vice president of Shilla Hotel car Hao said: "as the first exclusive strategy of Tmall international in South Korea duty-free group, very honored in the Alibaba group of the greatest world Internet Co officially announced that Xinluo into the China this huge potential market. Now we operate the SKU although relatively small, but the end of the year to be shelves to 10 thousand commodities, as well as some of the world’s brands continue to communicate."

according to reports, the future consumers order outbound ticket, in PC, mobile phone can purchase duty-free goods in Thailand, South Korea, and enjoy 20 percent off, ranging from 10 percent off Tmall international exclusive discounts on the global price, payment in Renminbi. The KingPower duty-free shops ( launched over 500 yuan to send 500 yuan price, Xinluo duty-free shop ( is the introduction of 5 fold preferential shopping activities. At the end of the trip to return to the country, consumers pay for the success of the text messages or bar code, in the airport duty-free shops can be taken out of stock. This new mode of shopping overseas travel not only to meet the huge domestic demand for cross-border duty-free shopping, but also help consumers from the queue, foreign exchange, tax rebates and other trouble, to enhance overseas travel experience, and avoid the problem of flight delays, the airport duty-free shops with tension.

data released by the Ministry of Commerce show that in 2014 Chinese tourists overseas consumption over 1 trillion, the number of outbound tourists reached one hundred million passengers. Which South Korea in 2014 to become the first big country China outbound hot, Thailand will soon rise to 2015 Chinese the most popular outbound countries, one of the main ways of consumption abroad is in many countries duty-free panic buying. After Tmall launched the global duty-free shops, which means that consumer spending is still happening in the country, which in a large sense can help the internationalization of the RMB, of course, this is a beginning.


Tmall international general manager Liu Peng

Liu Peng said that Tmall international global duty-free shop is an important deployment of the global strategy of Alibaba group. Since September 2014 at the Tmall international internal hatch since the project based on the "outbound + outbound purchase real consumer scene, Tmall international, Alipay and the world.

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