Look at the risk of Taobao store from the double 12 siege incident

Since the

following the 2011 Taobao "October siege incident" occurred, these two years has been intermittently sellers emotional things happen, but basically is a minor, but since December 3rd, because Taobao suddenly launched the "fake remediation activities do not directly delete after consultation by sellers of goods act once again sparked a the large-scale group siege, today is still carried out like a raging fire.

Although Taobao

as the preferred platform for small and medium sized business electricity supplier sellers and the house, but with the development of the Taobao platform to grow, there is a small seller support program before Taobao has gone, now Taobao is more like a small sellers want to quickly put aside the pursuit of quality, Taobao free open shop also seems has become the past, "Taobao burn to do business" is not true, only you try to know. From this large-scale group event, the risk has been highlighted Taobao platform.

1, the rules change, a master. On the Taobao platform, the seller is always in a passive situation, Taobao rules can be changed, some Taobao executive punishment can be based on their own judgment direct implementation, the most powerful is Taobao direct release of the new rules, the seller is responsible for the implementation of good, no room for negotiation.

2, inspection rules are not human, no cumbersome representation. The Taobao audit mainly done by computer, the judge doesn’t become common humanity, misjudgment is normal, and the error is very cruel to the seller, which represents hard made results directly be denied, even have no chance to explain, and representations of mechanisms and traditional cumbersome, it is reported that Taobao provided to the seller 2 hearing, but the seller must provide similar representations of chat, single shot, shipping details and so on a full set of evidence, and even most of the time the reason being punished by the seller have to guess yourself, such complicated complaint sellers think about all that terrible, helpless, I am afraid we can only cry on each other’s shoulder.

3, a Taobao, endless money. This may be a bit exaggerated, since Taobao plans to support small sellers want to disappear, do not spend money on Taobao rushes out a title that is simply Arabian Nights. When you enter the Taobao, one shop fees, picture space costs, statistical software fees, shop decoration fees, some also relates to customer service, advertising and service fees and other expenses, in short to rise head and shoulders above others in Taobao, the big money is to be hit hit.

4, the platform fat, his thin. This is a tribute to the bitter work the majority of sellers, the Taobao forum everywhere so sellers in order to own shop business, pull the broken head, regardless of day and night to keep the computer, only for the first time to respond to the buyer consultation, trying to pull flow, save popularity, but the result is Taobao the influence of expanding, they still worry all day long to living, for the situation did not change constantly on the run, and even let myself drop a few pounds of meat……


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