mprove the operating threshold in a single way to extend the scope of the daily necessities of the

disguised raise the operating threshold Jingdong unilateral extension of daily necessities supplier class accounts

for a prolonged period of 15 days of account decision, let the Jingdong merchandise category suppliers back out of a cold sweat.

broke the billion state power network in the business received before the Jingdong store mining sales department unilaterally extended daily supplier credit period. According to the businesses to provide mail display, Jingdong mall from May onwards will be the original contract agreed in the 45 days of account period extended to 60 days, or the original account period expires for 30 days in the year of acceptance, the contract has been signed in less than 60 days of account terms declared invalid.

as of June 9th, the state power grid after confirmation with a number of Jingdong mall merchandise merchants, confirm this news is true.

oral notice extended period

a business introduction to billion state power network, for the account period of adjustment, Jingdong requires re signed supplementary agreement clause to the account, if you can not accept the terms, the Jingdong will suspend cooperation.

a billion state power network to provide broke businesses revealed that the change of account is limited to Jingdong and proprietary business suppliers, involving cosmetics, body care, oral care and other businesses, including Unilever, Procter & Gamble, L’OREAL, Kao, big suppliers, and ten year old beauty, Royal mud square and the Internet brand.

billion state power network connection information linked to the public relations department of Jingdong, Jingdong public relations department said the case on the class to extend the credit period situation, but the main purpose of doing so is to carry out standardization management of supplier accounts, clearing the way for the wire transfer will be unified at the same time, the alternative settlement and acceptance.

Jingdong public relations department also said that this is now in cooperation with the supplier has signed a contract in 2015, there is no impact. This statement is clearly inconsistent with the information provided by the merchant.

disguised raise the operating threshold Jingdong unilateral extension of daily necessities supplier class accounts

many brands choose compromise

billion state power network communication with a number of brands, some businesses that has indeed received the notice, and is working with Jingdong to coordinate.

is a brand of CEO billion state power network, extend the credit period will certainly cause some damage to yourself, but not blindly compromise. He said that both sides need to understand each other and trust, the brand is currently communicating with Jingdong, hoping to get support and cooperation on the resources of Jingdong.

but most brands attitude is very realistic, some brands said that although Jingdong unilaterally request to change the account period is too strong, "frustrating", but also can not accept, after all, still doing business, rather than exit platform strong Jingdong".

but insiders pointed out that, for large brands, the extension of the 15 day period may not be a problem, >

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