Chengdu government to encourage the development of vice mayor Wang Zhonglin B2C into a lot of health

is now represented by the rapid development of e-commerce virtual economy, the local government to contribute money to support the development of e-commerce, in order to promote economic development. Recently, the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Finance Bureau jointly issued the 2010 annual development of e-commerce in Chengdu special funds for the implementation of opinions, through economic subsidies, preferential policies and other programs to support e-commerce enterprises.


the morning of June 13, 2010 10, Chengdu City Vice Mayor Wang Zhonglin went into the local Chengdu’s fastest growing one of the electronic commerce network of many health network, and lamented: "Chengdu’s real economy is very exciting, the virtual economy is more wonderful!" positive expectations and the Chengdu municipal government on the health of a lot of network.

a lot of health network by Canada nutrition house and the United States IDG venture investment group co founded in 2009 to invest in, the main health nutriment B2C mall. At present, the health of the network by the network operation center, storage centers, production centers, R & D center of the four systems, with the Internet and health care industry elite employees more than 100 people. A lot of health network responsible person on behalf of Yu said, customers buy products, does not mean that the demand came to an end, but a new beginning of demand, a lot of health network to ensure that customers can enjoy high-quality services, but also be able to obtain health and happiness. Health network to "the best, applicable, professional" three service concept to the customer to bring the highest quality service. The best: a lot of health does not tend to provide customers with a wide variety of goods, but I hope the company launched each of the goods can really provide superior help. Application: a lot of health really want to recommend to each customer, applicable, effective commodity, reject any profit is not responsible for the marketing behavior. Professional: health and every employee will strive to become a health care experts, to provide customers with more professional health advice and services.


the same day, the health of the person in charge of the network on behalf of Mr. Yu on the company’s sales model, promotion model and operational details. In the understanding of the health of a lot of development, Wang, vice mayor of the health of a lot of business models, the pace of development, and industry influence, etc.. Wang, vice mayor, said the government will give e-commerce more and more policy support, strong support for the real economy virtualization, in particular, to encourage the development of a variety of health services such as the type of B2C e-commerce business model. Then deputy mayor Wang in Shanghai, Guangzhou, developed Beijing City e-commerce as an example, put forward some valuable advice on the future development of network health and development, said the Chengdu municipal government will pay more and more attention, support Chengdu e-commerce industry, the prosperity and development of future health network, municipal government the height of the said concerns and expectations.

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