Ma Yun Taobao success is to stare at the seventeen year old child to get the child to settle the par

review: yesterday morning, founder of Alibaba think-tank Ma with the core ant gold suit CEO Peng Lei and group chief technology officer Wang Jian, rushed to the capital of Beijing, for China Commission cadres with a theme of "Internet Financial Forum". The meeting Ma Yun, Wang Jian, in turn, delivered a wonderful speech, before and after about 150 minutes to spend, the participants are the SFC insiders.

Ma Yun said that in the past two years with the financial competition of our financial sector, which make a balance of treasure, upside down it, all the banks hate, and fear, some leaders told me that Ma Yun, 10 years after the US banking sector will give you a tree monument, you are great, but today you have to do. We are friends, I think he is right, but we also feel that we later found the problem, we can adjust their own, what are we to do financial, or do the credit system, the establishment of credit system through the data, make credit equal to the wealth, for the integrity of the rich merchants, so we only do this company to the financial make up, but not to compete with financial.

why we later apply for financial license, apply for financial license to everyone I think are a bit strange, the financial license that we can embrace the supervision, supervision to know what we are doing, not to say that we have to earn money to the bank bank today, Chinese banks lack, but if there is a banking license, we let we do know that the CBRC, if the balance of treasure, we hope that the Commission, we will treasure what came out, can under the supervision of the CSRC, we have to look inside what I know, regulators worry that regulators know what we are doing, so this is our starting licence the main point. Based on these considerations Ali small gold service has been adjusted.

full text of the speech is as follows:

Ma Yun: I’ll tell you what I think. First, just about ant gold suit, many company name is my take, my name can still, Alibaba, Taobao, Alipay, ant gold clothing, mom. The gold dress I feel, when the ant payment service name, I think there are a few animal on earth can be more than 3 times its weight in the lift, the ant is one of them, this is my example, but we is not tall, always give yourself a reason. In fact, Ali’s mother thought is like this, we feel that the ants have a very strong team, but also has great strength of two, if there is a very good combination is possible, but I didn’t expect the bank definition of ant gold clothing, like ants, everyone wants to feel like this is what.

for the 15 day experience is really not easy, I recently half is particularly sad, I still very sad after the listing, more and more pressure, the pressure is not to say that from the work performance and the like, is full of happy to do their own happy things, especially the United States, I believe that those of us who really is can not do, I never thought I was a capable man, I don’t think who is very capable.

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