Taobao business details win baby description to speed up the turnover rate

work in front of the fine, the latter can save more time. This is particularly evident in the baby description. If you take 30 minutes to write a detailed description of the baby, you may save an hour on a customer, saving the customer in ten hours. In the ten hours, how much can you do to do the same thing, and if any one of you says you are willing to spend a little more time, it will save you ten or more times as much as you can.

this is the most easily overlooked by novice sellers. Millet can understand the novice sellers to go on baby’s mood, because the millet had to do that, in a hurry to write a few simple introduction will go up, because when the system has automatic upload, gives some properties for choice, fill in. You would think that Taobao’s program is very powerful, so with the option to have, no need to argue what. Because ninety percent of the sellers are so understanding, so that, so the seller’s business is flat in the ninety percent, but also busy all day long. Until the baby shelves for a long time, only to find that they have nothing to do, the store is also cold, even if the occasional one or two consultation, a good student to explain to the customer for a long time also failed to clinch a deal. If the beginning you do not know the importance of your baby description, too much reliance on Taobao’s program, so when you realize this, you must first change baby description is listed in the main content, the most difficult to do, go to the system.

good baby description must meet these basic conditions:

1, font settings to be more eye-catching than other content. The font should be larger than the default font for the system, plus a color or background color with its own characteristics.

2, the content should be comprehensive. We must stand in the customer’s point of view, if you want to buy this baby, care about what problems, such as different photos, material, size, price, your price, weight, color, for the crowd, meaning, use and maintenance of attention, baby related culture, basic knowledge, true and false identify, gifts, service commitment, payment etc..

3, to be clear. On this point, many people will use templates, more exquisite, feels very comfortable, a project are listed out clearly. This is a very time-saving way. But millet does not recommend everyone to apply an existing template to describe the page’s task is to complete the detailed explanation, minimize customer questions, to this point can be, can be appropriately modified with simple art. When everyone is going to use templates, simplicity is your specialty.

Cui Shilin jade baby description page is very simple, without any modification of the art composition, the purpose is to let customers get all the attention in the text, the beauty of the text is our biggest advantage. As for the feelings of the United States, there are several different angles of the photo, there is such a beautiful baby, it is enough, the customer after all, want to see

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