Discussion on the successful way of vertical industry portal

data show that the Zhejiang area (Alibaba -alibaba, Chinese textile network, Chinese Chemical Network in Zhejiang) currently has thousands of industry website, the industry website 1/2, and in the China industry Web site, about 70% registered concentrated in Zhejiang. The network has similar chemical industry websites such as hardware, blossom everywhere, textile, packaging and other industries have their own industry website. In 2006, the national industry overall service income of more than 10 billion yuan, the total employment of more than 120 thousand people, e-commerce businesses become a hotly contested spot. How to operate the industry website is the majority of the industry will soon be involved in the operation of the industry’s concerns about the issue of the industry, the main operation of the site to do the work of the center around the center of marketing.

1, registered member

through the initiative to register information from the site members, the phone in the past and the user to communicate, understand customer needs, for further negotiations. Let the registered users feel the service, and ultimately these free members into paid members and advertisers. Through the website registration member is the highest degree of adhesion, than pure play better effect than telephone.

2, the initiative to contact the industry member

through the yellow pages and other information, and even the network to find the user information in the industry, and actively contact the user, allowing users to access the site, the user through the website of bond conversion. Under normal circumstances, if you run an industry website and an industry user communication is more convenient. Customers generally do not reject psychology. They would like to work with professional industry sites, access to first-hand information industry.

3, participate in industry exhibition

general exhibition company will take the initiative to contact the industry website cooperation, through the replacement of resources, can obtain the booth of the exhibition, and the advertising industry, through further publicity, promote the industry’s position in the industry website. In addition, when the exhibition will be held to participate in a number of exhibitions, distribute some promotional pages, you can also increase the number of user sources.

4, industry and traditional media with

do a industry site if you want to succeed, should be combined with traditional media, through television, newspapers, outdoor advertising, advertising bombing in the industry focus areas, can improve the influence of the industry. In addition, you can also cooperate with industry associations, you can get more information about the industry. If there are conditions, you can also issue a traditional media magazine, distributed in the industry focus areas.

5, reasonable management website content

reasonable management website is also very important, such as what information the user is more valuable, valuable information through email, fax sent regularly to potential customers or members by hands, long time service to influence, to affect the user, www.fangshui.org five years to do so, also is a step towards success.

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