On the road to be cautious about the temptation of big orders

start on the road, we will encounter many seemingly good opportunities, many of them have large orders, the temptation, and as an entrepreneur is the choice of a swallow, or risk factors, advantages and disadvantages, opportunities, comprehensive consideration after the implementation of the action.

two days ago, and friends chat, talking about a large enterprise in Zhejiang. The product brand in the Zhejiang area, and the country is now the chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival for having heard it many times.

this star is the local government and businesses have pride, but to the point now difficult to continue. In order to maintain the enterprise does not fall, continue to play a benchmark role in the local, most of its stake has been acquired by the government. Because of the privacy issues involved, the company is not convenient and. The whole collapse of this star is a large order from WAL-MART.

2005, the star of the company received a large order WAL-MART supermarket, the order is sufficient to meet the annual production capacity of enterprises. Moreover, it needs further expansion in production capacity. In order to meet the requirements of customers, the company plant, equipment and other aspects of hardware investment of up to tens of millions.

although WAL-MART throws large orders very attractive, but also hidden a huge risk. WAL-MART general demand the unconditional return, and the product distribution to its stores across the United states. The factory in order to catch the goods sometimes have to pay high price to send cargo, not to sell products to be charged; a problem with the product, not only to return to the factory, the high compensation loss of retailers.

cooperation in a period of time, the star enterprises have encountered these problems. WAL-MART product quality to lower prices on the factory grounds. As we all know, WAL-MART before purchasing cost control is quite demanding, the factory in cooperation, has been very small, if this is the case, then keep the prices down, the factory is unprofitable.

three years later, due to the differences between the two sides on the price of the issue, WAL-MART will reduce the volume of orders by half. People have to buy equipment, factory made, excess capacity, tight cash flow, these two factors to inhibition as the star enterprise buckle in the head, not the local government to finally come to the rescue, perhaps the once fame companies would have put up the shutters.

it reminds me of some of my childhood experiences. I was born in the beautiful islands of Zhoushan, living in the seaside. When I was a child, I often went fishing by the sea. There is a commonly known as "fish" Mudfish is our object of fishing. Although this kind of fish is not big, but it is the most vigorous exception, love to eat the bait is the sea cockroach.

this kind of fishing and other fishing fish: be quite different general types of fish, as long as the good food, the hook into the water, fishing float movement can wait. This "fishing and Mudfish", do not need to float in any form, directly to the sea in the cockroach hook, add water, walking and drag the fishing rod, if a fish bite on the fishing rod, there will be a strong sense of vibration.

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