Love Taobao talk about my understanding of the future development of e commerce

recently Taobao and Baidu, as well as Tencent pat eBay and other e-commerce sites news is very hot. The controversy stems from B2C and C2C. A lot of people to directly view that C2C not much prospect, suggest that Baidu has ah new show storm B2C, is likely to overtake, Zhandexianji! You know the two forms of quality dispute, first look at several forms of electronic commerce of today’s


B2B (Business to Business) refers to the business relationship established between merchants and businesses. Business partners to establish business relationships is the hope that through what we provide to form a complementary development opportunities, everyone’s business can be profitable. Transactions between businesses. For example, the top selling electronics company LED electronic display, other companies can see a lot of companies to provide product information, he can choose one of the selected examples: Alibaba, HC.

B2C (Business to Consumer) is very often we see the suppliers to sell goods directly to the user. For example, you go to McDonald’s to eat is B2C, because you are just a client. Examples: Dangdang, excellence, Youket. B2C is also divided into "hypermarkets" (Taobao mall) and vertical Mall (Mcglaughlin, red child, Jingdong mall), such as Jingdong mall on the line to aspire to the United States!

C2C (Consumer to Consumer), between the customer to put things on the Internet to sell. Example: Taobao, pat, eBay, ah.

C2B (Consumer to Business), this concept is relatively new, it is chosen by the customer himself to what, what is the price requested by the merchant and then to decide whether to accept the customer’s request. If the merchant accepts customer requirements, so the success of the transaction; if the merchant does not accept the requirements of customers, so that the transaction fails.

in fact, April 17, 2009 news, Alibaba Board Chairman Jack Ma said: Taobao has never been C2C, Taobao never thought he was C2C. Now there are more and more companies use Taobao to promote their products, which is precisely the value of Taobao." Ma Yun’s comments were widely interpreted a way for the Taobao B2C business campaign. Taobao in the past few years, the C2C business by fortune, but has been the lack of suitable profit model. Taobao began trying to do B2C last year, the business is expected to break through the bottleneck of Taobao’s earnings.

from C2C is designed between the swap and now sold to individuals from the company wholesale goods, and then to the shop on sale to consumers. C2C is a commercial form. The last time it came to China was eBay, then it was acquired, and later, in 2003, Taobao was founded and eBay was returned to China

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