Electronic invoices or promote electricity supplier tax

[most science and technology] according to media reports, Jingdong mall announced yesterday that the relevant electronic Invoicing system formally launched into the trial operation phase has now opened the first electronic invoice. In the early stage of the implementation of electronic invoice, the covered scope of services for the Beijing region is the purchase of books, audio and video products to individual consumers, consumers can choose ordinary paper invoices or electronic invoices issued.

is the first person to eat crab, in the electronic invoice items of suning.com in May 2012, the national development and Reform Commission said the pilot city can put forward the promotion of electronic invoices, then the government of Nanjing and suning.com hosted suning.com electronic invoicing application project "in Nanjing Suning headquarters officially launched, suning.com became the first company to implement electronic invoice. Online shopping industry development on the upgrade, let people scramble for reasons is that online goods are much cheaper than entity shop, we worry about suning.com is the first electronic invoice will not have to change originally occupied the price advantage of the online shopping market, that will directly become the electronic invoice bill "final implementation process".

Xu Lei, senior vice president of Jingdong, said: earlier users in the Jingdong shopping appeared on the case of asking for the invoice, then only to the relevant tax authorities to purchase invoices, and then supply users. Later, Jingdong and the tax department through direct communication to solve the problem of the invoice, but because the tax authorities around the policy is not the same, but also has been plagued. With this policy of Jingdong is a good, can save a lot of cost per year, such as invoices, buy equipment, hire more staff, a year can save tens of millions of dollars for Jingdong."

electronic invoice in storage, query, access is more convenient than before, but also facilitate e-commerce sites to provide more convenient service for consumers, but also conducive to reduce cost and save energy. But the popularity of electronic invoices, the online shopping market has been the survival of the price advantage will be a serious test, many businesses will be applied to electronic invoice cost to consumers, and ultimately lead to high prices for products.


online shopping in false invoices, is to let the consumer online shopping rights had Its loopholes appeared one after another. increased difficulty. I believe a lot of Taobao buyers have personal experience, once the customer to the merchant for the invoice, the original price of the goods immediately rose, so that most people choose to give up the invoice.

this year, there are media reports, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce called Ali, Tencent, Jingdong and other 12 enterprises thoroughly, intended for some enterprises run industry invoices, unfair competition in many fields such as electric drafting administrative regulations. An electricity supplier industry pointed out that the state for the electricity supplier tax, tax intention has been significantly strengthened, no longer likely to return to the previous relaxed state. This also means that once the electronic invoice in the country to promote the advantages of Taobao sellers will weaken.

electronic invoice issuance and implementation of its positive significance is self-evident. For consumers, the invoice is the consumer’s shopping vouchers, but also an important rights

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