2 billion 800 million Haier investment in the whole process of open logistics samples

Hou Jiyong

after two years of experiments, Ma and Zhang Ruimin finally hand.

December 9th, Haier’s China Hong Kong listed companies Haier and Ali group jointly issued a strategic cooperation announcement: Ali Haier group conduct amounted to HK $2 billion 822 million investment.


investment is divided into two parts, one is the Ali group of Haier’s goodaymart logistics to invest 1 billion 857 million Hong Kong dollars, the establishment of the joint venture company, including the 9.9% stake goodaymart logistics, the amount is HK $541 million, Haier issued subscription amount of 1 billion 316 million Hong Kong dollars of convertible bonds, convertible bonds in the future goodaymart logistics can be converted into 24.1% shares; in addition, the Alibaba group to subscribe for the new shares on the Haier investment of 965 million Hong Kong dollars, Haier shares 2% investment.

eventually Ali group can get 34% shares of Shun day logistics, Haier Electric shares of 2%.

December 9th, Haier Group Chairman, vice chairman of the board of directors, the board of directors of Haier electric chairman and CEO Zhou Yunjie accepted the twenty-first Century economic report interview with reporters: "the cooperation between the complementary advantages. Big data logistics field, Haier provides large logistics warehousing, trunk transportation, distribution and other services. The two sides began cooperation two years ago, the strategic investment will be more closely."

Haier group, including two listed companies: one is the Qingdao Haier, the main business is the home appliance manufacturing industry; one is Haier, its main business is the channel, the current day Shun logistics. Haier latest release in the third quarter 2013 earnings report, its revenue from the channel of 80%.


"nets above and snares below

compared with the Jingdong, goodaymart logistics, where is the advantage? Zhou Yunjie thinks, goodaymart has three advantages: one is the full network coverage, in addition to the one or two, three city, four or five city level covered the city, county, township until two is 24 hours a day; distribution; three is a better distribution experience.

Zhou Yunjie further explained: Haier built a nationwide coverage, like the city’s public transport system, the same as the logistics network, bus station is the storage center, passengers are not people, goods. "Only Haier can do that".

day Shun another ability is the installation and after-sales service capacity. Zhou Yunjie said: "the goodaymart is mainly of large logistics, such as home appliances, furniture, bottled water, product delivery, installation, and user interactive communication, communication content includes: one is through the mobile POS cash register, the two is goodaymart through Ipad interface recommend more third party electric products."

is responsible for the delivery of 190 thousand cars, each car includes a driver, a delivery clerk. In addition to their charges, but also interact with the user, >

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