A resource advantage of e commerce business development

e-commerce model is now a very important commodity trading model all over the world, which is based on the development of Internet technology. Now the world is a model of electronic commerce, every day between businesses and consumers on the Internet for online transactions, not only the product sales, but also in the Internet eliminates all steps of transportation and sale of the product, for a company, it is a kind of new the mode of development, is also a good way of development, through the use of e-commerce business, enterprises can greatly enhance their income, expand their product sales channels, but also can bring a greater development for the enterprise.

e-commerce development of a resource advantage is very obvious. On the Internet, with a large number of companies, these companies are looking for customers to contact online, while in this way will be a good deal of their products and services. E-commerce model, the simplest one is to open the shop model. We can through the well-known in the B2B website taobao.com to open a shop to help their own product sales, direct sales will produce their own products to consumers quickly through the Internet to meet the needs of consumers. The resource is very rich, because through this network platform, all products manufacturers fully linked together, help the electronic commerce enterprise all can gain tremendous development through this advantage resource


in fact, the whole process of development in electronic commerce, the B2B model is the most common, most enterprises, the development of B2B mode is constantly found through different businesses in the Internet on demand, and different manufacturers, and consumers, will be three in the united. Let the sales of products directly to consumers. The biggest feature of this approach is to greatly save the cost of the enterprise.

why? As we all know, the traditional storefront is some entity stores, these stores are generally the use of a purpose such as through leasing stores, therefore, is the first store rental cost expense. Second, the owner must go through the production of field visits to see the number of products they need to purchase, of course, we have a certain degree of understanding of these products are limited. Therefore, the field investigation process needs to produce a variety of costs and more, so this figure is a relatively large number of charges. For individuals, it is not a small economic burden, of course, the burden is ultimately transferred to consumers who. So consumers can shop in the store, you will find that the price of these products is very expensive. But when everyone in the B2B website consumer does not have such a high price, is due to an advanced mode, because the B2B website has no inventory, no store rental costs. So everyone will say that these concessions to a large extent

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