Several modes of domestic B2C E commerce

At present, the domestic

online retail, e-commerce is the B2C, seems to be very popular, in fact, a careful analysis of them, small and medium-sized enterprises want to formally enter the well, or massive profits, is not an easy thing. What kind of online shopping mall, or what kind of products can be a very good online retail? Small and medium-sized enterprises should choose the mode of operation? Take a closer look at present there are several situations:

one: itself is the traditional retail tycoon

traditional retail mall with its strong brand and the audience, the establishment of online retail platform, to achieve the perfect integration of traditional e-commerce, for small and medium-sized enterprises, this type of nature is far behind. For example: Suning, Gome, Dazhong electric.

two: own brand products

has its own brand products, build the online sales platform, is the natural drainage into waterways, such as: NOKIA, Haier, tenfu. More suitable for this type of production enterprises have their own products, through the establishment of e-commerce platform, to achieve complementary online and offline marketing, is homegrown.

three: agent brand products

do not own their own products, through brand agent products, to online sales, the core work content embodied in the product industry positioning and marketing platform, such as: Jingdong, Newegg, D1 is still excellent, the sales are brand products. Small and medium enterprises can be based on their own resources to choose the industry, because the brand itself is relatively large customer awareness, marketing and after-sales service, etc..


platform driven by other products

rely on their own platform for a strong brand, agent products, relying on the platform for the sale of the brand. For example: Dangdang, excellence, early they are to sell books, now have become a comprehensive shopping platform, this type of website platform need venture capital involved, is also very money to hit it, until the brand hit very loud.

five: R & D products, build a platform to build the brand of products and platforms.

through its own resources and strength of R & D products and platform to create their own brand, need to have enough economic strength, because from product design and development, to the platform development, marketing, the entire process is in the creation of their own. This retail profit is relatively large, but the energy is also the largest investment. For example: VANCL, Felipe Marceau, justyle.

six: niche products

Although the

brand and platform advantages, but the products are scarce, the super user group. Do this product, you need a good market insight and purchase channels, such as some health care products or special drugs, such as what the treatment of hair loss, breast products.

seven: low-priced products

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