Li Guoqing three figure breaking can reverse the marginalization of Dangdang

Ali, an independent, Jingdong trying to catch up, the Soviet Union and the United States high-profile net, has become the basic trend of fast vertical electric providers, head Li Guoqing has changed the style of the past no longer frequent updates to micro-blog, because there are more important things waiting for him: the revitalization of dangdang. as, the United States as seen by the capital market, the core can be classified into two points: no more positive price war market, not like the opponent like story. listed western capital market caused great interest, stimulate massive influx of the limelight China electricity supplier, with dozens of times to Dangdang capital scale price war, Dangdang as a listed company with greater performance pressure and capital market restrictions in the price war in the passive Jingdong after the listing of the pursuit of profit, in the price war more conservative. At the same time, Li Guoqing’s business philosophy focuses on the process of justice, common water, electricity supplier of leather and edge ball technique is rejected, a recent interview also said to adhere to the following principles: do not brush transactions not to engage in wholesale, pay attention to real users and quality, do not buy fake traffic and low value flow, which makes in market data in a very passive, not by capital market love.

Li Guoqing

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Li Guoqing should have failed. Dangdang in the water and the Jingdong so far, but the performance of health and no debt, sustainable profitability is outstanding. Q2 earnings Dangdang quarter net profit of 28 million 800 thousand yuan, a record high, up losses, an increase of about 14 times, which is Dangdang for the third consecutive quarter of operating earnings. The first half of the book business Dangdang net profit rose more than 100%, net profit rate of more than and; gross margin reached 24% flat.

Jingdong’s gross profit margin has just exceeded 10%, the industry dubbed China’s most profitable companies, for the moment, Jingdong is indeed the more thanks to the more selling. Capital markets look at the moment, but pay more attention to the future imagination. So do not make money Jingdong is still the darling of Wall Street, Dangdang now do is to ensure that the core business continues to make money on the basis of cash cow, to prove that they have a future".

1, on the wireless, 40% by the end of the order of death

wireless is the future of every field in the Internet, the electricity supplier is no exception, Ali, Jingdong are trying to grab the mobile portal. Ali has abundant resources, as listed in the massive buying mobile business, micro-blog, Gao De and UC have in the bag; Jingdong and Tencent marriage gamble WeChat can bring mobile orders for its inexhaustible.


Dangdang giant funds advantage and no Tencent the godfather, had to rely on their own.

Q1 Dangdang wireless order only 14% of the proportion of disadvantage, April Li Guoqing threatened ture ", set up the wireless division and served as general manager, mobile is the first" unwritten rules. Li Guoqing junlingzhuang, "if June wireless orders accounted for less than 20%, the end of the year to reach 40%, >

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