CO Xu Jing B2C win in the background

B2C e-commerce business game logistics last mile is a hot topic nowadays. When the emerging e-commerce companies tangled so self logistics or choose the third party logistics, the earlier start of the red child to be much more calm. Through the thriving e-commerce early, in the face of the feudal lords vying for the throne B2C rivers and lakes, red child moderate to slow down savings strength, in order to further force.

as the largest China mother, cosmetic, food, life category B2C website, from the red child has been set up through the electronic commerce business directory and website marketing dual channel development, is committed to become a leader in the field of vertical B2C. Now the directory Direct Investment and website sales each occupy half of the country. Red child senior vice president and CIO Xu Jing pointed out that the future will be the red child website, will gradually from the directory to the web based strategy, to devote more resources to the website, but the marketing mix two kinds of strategies will continue. The directory will lock direct selection and more accurate population.

self built logistics

Xu Jing pointed out that the red child was founded in 2004, Chinese is not the third party logistics, there is no concept of B2C logistics, the red child do e-commerce business model, so that it must be the last 100 meters to solve the problem of logistics and distribution. In order to allow consumers to accept this business model, red children were forced to build a logistics team. At the same time, the red child promised to deliver the product to the customer within 36 hours of the customer’s order. Moreover, because a considerable number of consumers do not accept credit card payments, so the need for cash on delivery. This requires us to find a trusted partner to be able to get the money back in time, which is also in the courier companies can not be achieved." Even when the courier companies began to provide cash on delivery services, the length of the cycle of capital return is still a test of the cash flow of the enterprise.


also features the red child is the number of customer orders for each order in many products, usually to reach five to seven or more goods, which means that the customer service in order, may appear partial rejection phenomenon, so unless it is their own team, otherwise there is no way to do this. These factors are intertwined, so that the children can not find a red at the time of the cooperation of logistics service providers, can only choose self built logistics distribution system.

"we are very clear industry focus is method of optimal cost, but was not the first appearance of third party service providers, but with the rise of B2C industry, it gave birth to the development of the third party logistics, provide living space for the third party logistics." When the rise of e-commerce mode, market competition is not so fierce fighting, but also provides a market space and time of the construction of logistics distribution team for the red child, consumers have enough patience to wait for the logistics team running in the red child. Now the smoke B2C enterprise market environment with the "quick fish" competition law make electricity > New

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