Guo Yeye for the type of enterprise network marketing tools three


review: Guo Yeye: to establish the network marketing business type (two)


, Guo Yeye made a careful analysis, six types of enterprises in the second types of companies. Very happy, there are a lot of companies to contact me, I hope I can make a analysis of the company (which also shows the power of the A5, I hope everyone can contribute ah) and then select the appropriate network promotion strategy. In the analysis of each company, Guo Yeye will give the company to make a choice, see: Guo Yeye: how enterprise classification, network promotion? Today, in Wuhan, the era of big network marketing planning company analysis network promotion planning.

Wuhan times network marketing planning Co., Ltd., located in Optics Valley, mainly to provide web site construction, network promotion, network public relations planning, network marketing training and other network integrated marketing services. The company relies on Wuhan, China and other domestic famous universities human resources, hired a group of management, media and other discipline leaders as consultants and part-time staff, has a professional, creative planning and execution team, has provided a network of integrated marketing services for Hubei Telecom, Changjiang publishing group, forte estate and other well-known domestic enterprises, leading the status of network marketing in the domestic industry. Companies adhering to the "creative, innovative, creative" business philosophy, at a lower cost, faster speed, to create more value for customers.

through the Wuhan times network marketing planning limited company network department, Zhu Zhengyong introduced the establishment of the company life is not long, has been very famous in the industry, many counterparts in Wuhan network marketing, has very strong competitive strength and huge brand benefit. Companies in the six types of enterprises belonging to the fifth, is the enterprise itself is a leading enterprise, the customer needs are not considered in the source, because there is enough brand benefits. This type of customer is mainly to enhance the brand, but also for the network to promote a full budget, it depends on how to choose a reasonable network promotion."

and network marketing planning Co., Ltd., Wuhan, the person in charge of the network, Zhu Zhengyong chat, you can explore the company has the following needs. (Wuhan times)

1 many colleagues, the visibility is very high, but because of too many peers, the competition is very intense, the Wuhan times is certainly not willing to bury in the competition, because the development of electronic commerce today, not forward, must be back. To this end, the Wuhan era hope that through all means of marketing, and enhance their own brand awareness, so that the old customers are more likely to find themselves, new customers is an endless stream.

2 for new customers, there is a strong demand, although the old customers will be more and more to maintain the cost will be more and more, but there is no significant increase in profitability. The reason is very simple, because the old customers do for a long time, the price will certainly lower the pressure on the overall development of the company and the level of profitability has a relatively large impact, so it is necessary to develop a new era of Wuhan big new >

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