McDonald’s McDonald’s group purchase package Gaopeng said rumor are false



for online group purchase of Gaopeng McDonald’s meal (Sina pictures)


newspaper news (intern reporter Liu Xiaoxu) "only 25 yuan group purchase price 46 yuan McDonald’s double value meal!" yesterday, some people found a McDonald’s package online group purchase information can be high, the customer by the electronic code to exchange the package after the success of McDonald’s group purchase. Last night, McDonald’s Public Relations Department official said, McDonald’s has never worked with any group buying sites to cooperate, such groups are false information, to remind consumers not to be fooled.

yesterday, Mr Li found a McDonald’s meal group purchase information in the online friends, "only 25 yuan! Group purchase price 46 Wonmcdonald double value package! All of Beijing McDonald’s general!" said the group purchase, consumers purchase success will receive 16 electronic code, with the electronic code to McDonald’s exchange package, valid to December 5th, up to 7 points last night, 517 people have participated in the group purchase. Subsequently, the reporter in the online search Beijing McDonald’s buy found that after a number of other sites have also launched a similar group, and there are hundreds of people to participate in activities.

yesterday afternoon, McDonald’s Public Relations Department official responded that McDonald’s Corp has never worked with any website to buy cooperation, such groups are false information. At the same time, McDonald’s official website also said in a statement, McDonald’s and there is no any websites and businesses to carry out such operations, the group purchase appear on the website associated with the McDonald’s brand logo, pictures are website and secretly theft, to remind consumers of recognition, don’t be deceived.

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