The battle upgrade Gome online Jingdong to avoid the solid and strike the weak

in the United States, under the siege of Suning, Jingdong mall will go from here?.

e-businessmen war triggered at any moment.

with traditional procurement and channel advantages, "51" on the eve of day, Gome online mall on the line at the same time, to put up a pageantry; also resorted to 10 billion annual sales target.

this day before co President Li Guoqing even in the micro-blog open derogatory Jingdong mall said, "the United States, into the electronic commerce, from the home appliance brands to understand, the purchase cost than most Jingdong low 8 points. It seems (people) is the real thing."


statement, also in a home appliance industry got the evidence, even said that in some Maori higher household appliances (such as electric cooker, induction cooker, electric baking pan like household appliances), the purchase price gap can reach 12~15 points.

previously, due to access to up to $1 billion 500 million of huge financing, the industry of Jingdong loss – expansion – financing – loss of business circles have a lot of questions. In the United States, under the siege of Suning, Jingdong mall will go from here?.

low cost rather than high margin

The reporter saw

in Gome and Suning electronic business online, the two giants are invariably the 3C products (computer, communication and consumer electronic products collectively) as the mainstream sales category, the Jingdong and the mall is very close to the mainstream category.

for the United States, Suning than Jingdong purchase cost low, had been appointed assistant to the president in the Liu Shuang mall Jingdong (micro-blog) (micro-blog) pointed out that Gome and Suning purchase cost of Jingdong is indeed low, but different categories, different price. And this is not the key factor to determine success or failure.

according to public earnings, Gome, Suning commodity gross margin of about 18%, the rate of about 12%, the net interest rate of about 5%.

e-commerce business model is the key to the operation of low-cost, rather than high margin. Jingdong’s gross margin less than Gome, Suning 1/3, but the rate is only the United States, Suning 1/2. This is the reason why Jingdong can low prices. Gome online even if the United States can get the same line of procurement advantages, if you can not control operating costs, competitive advantage is not obvious.

, an e-commerce company official told reporters that the price volatility of 3C products is very fast. Its core technology is to accurately determine its price fluctuations and achieve rapid inventory turnover. From the financial point of view, the faster the inventory turnover, the higher the efficiency of funds. For example, the purchase amount of 10 thousand yuan, a month turnover of 1 times a month and turnover of the essence of the difference between the 3. If the gross profit margin is only 1 points, if the capital turnover of 3 times, then there will be a total of 3 points. The biggest advantage of e-commerce is turnover >

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