Juhuasuan Taobao the amazing power of the nternet is now buying behavior

Hello everyone. I am the wind leaf Gu City, in charge of Taobao Cenda flagship store sales of digital mobile hard disk. Before we talk about the operation of the promotion of digital IT shop experience, I did not expect, the second day was sent to the first line of the company, because the flagship store to buy a platform in the Taobao group to carry out activities. Event sales plan 2000 units, the results of all the eight hours empty. This makes me think of the old Taobao users, and now Taobao shop operators to work for one of the shock. Perhaps this is the amazing power of the Internet to buy the industry concave.

said Taobao Juhuasuan, is actually not a new thing, with the popularity of the network platform, shopping is no longer the mainstream consumer trends, Juhuasuan platform is actually opened with e-commerce mainstream consumer tide. In other words, the use of networking channels organized into a group to buy the same kind of goods at a discount, the rapid development of the Internet, the formation of a new way of consumption. And under the "money is the last word" appeal, small books, software, toys, household appliances, digital, mobile phone, computer and other small commodities, to Home Furnishing, building materials, real estate prices are not very transparent goods can be aggregated to buy. Not only that, health care, insurance, tourism, education and training as well as various types of beauty, fitness, leisure and other areas of service can also be reflected in the form of online shopping.

a few days ago, I went to a group for the network crowd behavior analysis data in iResearch understand, said the main force of the network group purchase age mainly in young groups of 25 to 35 years old, and in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other big city is very common. Therefore, young people the ability to accept new things is far higher than other age groups, and the region is more that a problem, big city consumption habits dominate the Internet e-commerce industry must combine to model innovation from Online to Offline double.

also, after a long time to accumulate, the mainstream form of network group purchase approximately formed three characteristics: the first is the spontaneous behavior of the group purchase group purchase behavior, spontaneous composition is more common in the group purchase forum, forum administrator or moderator to self initiated, and then through the member number advantage to influence businesses to make concessions on commodity prices; second is the occupation group purchase behavior, there are many different types of group purchase websites and personal nature of the company. Juhuasuan such as taobao.com under the pat pat Network, the third is the seller’s own group purchase; the group purchase, released their official website group purchase activities with the organization’s network, or the official mall purchase group purchase.

three forms of common ground is that participants can guarantee the quality of the case to get lower than the market price of the product. However, how can we make the most cost-effective online shopping? I think there are several factors. A. As a business, a brand effect, choose the goal of participating in group purchase activities, products or well-known, low price and sometimes improper operation, it will affect the long-term brand image, so do the necessary activities before it is.

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