Liu Tao whether the service enterprise is suitable for the current e commerce business model

since the second half of last year, the financial crisis triggered by the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis to the global expansion, and spread to the real economy, service companies are also difficult to escape. Service oriented enterprise is the enterprise with the customer demand as the center, the whole service chain and the whole service. It provides services as the main business and revenue sources. In this financial crisis, China’s financial insurance and other modern service enterprises has a direct impact, a number of commercial banks involved, some overseas investment institutions suffered losses; the development of small and medium-sized enterprises to provide services of traditional tourism, catering and other services are also affected, especially in industrial exports blocked, some export services logistics company, business service enterprise development frustrated. The financial crisis further highlights the lagging transformation development mode of service enterprises in China: the connotation of intensive mode of development, the scale of not leading service enterprise development, the lack of international influence service brand and so on. These problems under the influence of the financial crisis to further enlarge, hinder the development of service-oriented enterprises.

faces challenges, we should see that in the current situation, there are many opportunities for the development of service-oriented enterprises. First of all, the rapid development of economic globalization provides an opportunity for Chinese service enterprises to go out. In response to the financial crisis, many countries have taken many actions, especially the successful holding of the G20 financial summit, which shows that the process of world economic globalization has not been stopped by the international financial crisis. Secondly, the introduction of a series of macro-control policies to stimulate the economy, providing a guarantee for the development of service-oriented enterprises. Interest rate cuts, 4 trillion public investment policies, both for the development of service-oriented enterprises to provide financial support, but also directly led to the development of public service sector enterprises. Thirdly, the financial crisis has provided the development space for some new service enterprises. Many enterprises in order to reduce costs, change the marketing strategy, network marketing by many small and medium enterprises.

however, the current e-commerce website business model can meet the needs of service-oriented enterprises?

first of all, service oriented enterprise products (services) is not like the product of a product type enterprise, visible, tangible, the user can see the real product. Take the site to build the company and server hardware manufacturers to do a comparison, server hardware manufacturers can introduce their products and products on the web, and marked an accurate price. Users can visually see the specific product information and offer, and can also be compared with other similar products, which is currently the service provided by many B2B sites. However, the website construction company’s website construction service is the company’s products, this product is not accurately quoted in the B2B web site, because the site construction of this product is not as accurate as the server hardware marked price, after the initial contact with the user and build the station only in the company, to determine a basic the price of the key links in the current B2B website is unable to provide this service for service enterprises. This is precisely the current B2B site only for the product enterprise >

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