The theory behind the electricity supplier winter to increase the difficulty of financing marketing



recently, the industry is expected to usher in e-commerce industry winter". According to the Ministry of Commerce issued the "12th Five-Year" e-commerce development guidance "shows that the development of e-commerce environment continues to improve, the momentum of rapid development, but the industry is also facing the regulation is lagging behind and technology and the market is not mature and other major issues. Insiders admitted that the increase in financing risk, increased marketing costs, lack of innovative applications, increasing the uncertainty of the development of e-commerce industry.

"winter" is only the "bubble" of the winter electricity industry ushered in the "new spring"

said the "opinions" in 2010, China’s e-commerce transactions amounted to 4 trillion and 500 billion yuan, the application of online trading and network marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises the proportion reached 42.1%. In 2010, the national network of retail transactions amounted to 523 billion 100 million yuan, about 3.3%

of the total retail sales of social consumer goods

for the future development goals, the "opinions" clearly pointed out that by 2015, China’s above scale enterprises e-commerce application ratio of more than 80%; the application of e-commerce to complete the import and export trade in China accounted for more than 10% of the total import and export trade; retail sales network is equivalent to the total retail sales of social consumer goods more than 9%.

according to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center data show that as of June 2011, China’s e-commerce market turnover has reached 2 trillion and 950 billion, an increase of 31%. Among them, B2B e-commerce transactions amounted to 2 trillion and 600 billion, an increase of 26.8%, the overall stable development trend.

to the foreign trade business as an example, CEO Wang Ruohai told reporters that China’s foreign trade business has more than 360 million, exports in 2010 online trade of nearly $10 billion. Customs data show that as of November 2nd this year, China’s total foreign trade import and export value exceeded $3 trillion, the proportion of online foreign trade exports accounted for only about 3/1000, a larger space for development." Wang Ruohai said that due to China’s exports are mostly low-grade necessities, many multinational companies still use China as a production base, the current debt crisis in Europe has limited impact on China’s exports.

" winter is only a ‘bubble’ winter, Wang Ruohai also admitted that the lack of a responsible attitude is the bottleneck of the development of China’s e-commerce enterprises. He said that enterprises should be responsible to the investors, make reasonable financing and investment, financing irresponsible blindly burn, encourage the industry "bubble" of the wind. Enterprises should be responsible for the staff, a large number of layoffs is clearly contrary to corporate social responsibility. Enterprise should be responsible for the brand, "burn" brought by traffic and registered users, and accounting fraud or other improper means in the capital market rapid inflation, brings negative effect to our entire electricity supplier industry reputation.

for the development of e-commerce in China

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