Let me see how B2C hunt group Tmall double eleven

November 1975, high tension during the cold war period, a group of Soviet Navy launched a real mutiny. The first was called Valerie · naval commissar Sabl, with the Soviet Union’s most advanced warships – "alert" start rebellion. Later, this story was adapted by the United States Clancy Clancy military novel, hunting the red October, and eventually moved on the screen.

of course, if here is not to say that the film, but said that in the upcoming November, the electricity supplier will usher in a true sense of the containment of hunting, hunting is to "Tmall double eleven".

Tmall double eleven defects, B2C provides a great opportunity for hunting them

: a defect of promotional activities for


tens of millions of users in the double eleven coming early to Alipay account recharge thousands of yuan, to avoid the day to pay, early collection to buy goods, avoid the fall. In the impulse to stimulate the shopping, the temptation of half discount promotion is huge. Since it is directed at discount promotions, the user may not be able to have patience and so on the first half of the month.

Dong suggested half a B2C in this month in a single product oriented audience half fold, can stimulate the user in a single impulse.

two: serious defects explosion range

, experienceSince

is focused on one day, then the order of explosion is not difficult to understand. Tmall double eleven promotions, in fact, is focused on the orders of the first half of the day. If you go to ask the three pass one, you know that in the two months and a half months after the package volume of about 30% decline in the amount of about eleven. Not surprisingly, the 2013 ten for a while as in previous years the warehouse explosion, warehouse distribution is because people rely on cars, this is the limit, relying on temporary grip. Logistics experience is not good, resulting in a large number of complaints, is the biggest criticism of Tmall double eleven.

suggested that B2C can not promise to the East, but at least up rapidly in the self built Logistics City promised free user menace from the rear. Conversely, in strong public relations and even exaggerate Tmall double eleven shopping experience, logistics is not guaranteed, is a key.

Three: Tmall

defects in the open, promotion business sellers promotional rhythm structure promotion, the external crystal clear

the enemy can ever victorious, Tmall double eleven is ready to cross over the three months, actually spends some time you can know Tmall double eleven promotion, which covers the key category, key commodity merchants, and what activities in what time node, promotional efforts and so on, are crystal clear.


in the open, the other B2C in the dark, East suggests tit for tat develop marketing programs, then a bit can be copied Tmall’s solution. According to Tmall key coverage category and goods in advance to increase promotional efforts, The early bird catches.

eleven Tmall dual containment hunt three waves


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