Alibaba first banned malicious intellectual property agency

February 7th, Alibaba for the first time the use of false complaints harassment blackmail Taobao merchant malicious intellectual property agency issued a ban order. Hangzhou network science and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as network guardian) due to repeated false complaints against businesses, becoming the first object was blocked. Alibaba decided to stop accepting the entire platform in the network to defend the agency launched any knowledge of the production of complaints, but also publicly called for the termination of cooperation with the company’s brand rights. For the network guardian of the evil, Ye Zhifei, director of intellectual property protection, Alibaba platform management department said: are considering resorting to legal means to safeguard the interests of businesses and platforms.

by the intentional false statements forgery proof and malicious trademark method, malicious intellectual property agency initiated a large number of false complaints of legitimate businesses, resulting in goods shelves as well as businesses were forced to shut shop, seriously affect the normal operation of more than one million Taobao sellers. Some dealers in the manipulation of the company, such as black conspiracy against rival private tool dealers, the complaints mechanism achieves channels and price control, to achieve the interests of the distribution box operation. At the same time a large number of knowledge of the rogue is also forced merchants to collect protection fees.

ban order on behalf of Alibaba formally to the Hangzhou network Wei as the representative of the malicious complaints black industry declaration. Department of Alibaba governance platform statistics, in 2016 the Alibaba platform found a total of malicious behavior of human rights complaints account 5862, nearly 103 million home and over 6 million commercial links from malicious complaints caused by the seller, the loss amounted to 107 million yuan. Including the NIKE brand right malicious cybersquatting, even the "WeChat" trademark certificate and Ma Huateng signature was forged, in order to achieve the Li Gui Li type harassment blackmail complaints.

this is the first case of malicious complaints from the public declaration of war. Liu Xiaochun, executive director of the center for the study of the rule of law at the China Youth University for Political Science, said that when malicious complaints reached a considerable degree of harm, should be investigated for administrative responsibility and criminal liability of the complainant.

beater "net Wei" illegal profit

‘s attention to the "Hangzhou network Guardian" originated from a complaint in July 2016. "Wei" identified a women’s theft of a domestic brand seller Taobao pictures. Because of the "network Wei" is officially authorized brand, in accordance with the international rules, "notice delete" fake small two were the first time for a treatment of related businesses and commodities.

was punished after the business has come up with evidence of complaints, to prove that the store is the original picture shoot. After repeated investigation and verification, the platform decided to revoke the punishment. But repeated shelves shelves, remove the recovery, but will record the evaluation after the accumulation of sales and swept away and bring serious damage to business reputation.

Since then, Alibaba

platform management department received a number of complaints from businesses, directed at the point of network guardian". The rollback of big data, fake 2 found net Wei "complaints platform thousands of sellers, involving women’s clothing, shoes, cosmetics, household appliances and other hundreds of brands. Since 2015, the "network Wei" complaints after the seller’s complaint, >

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