The 7 step of the experience of b2c e commerce transactions = 90% list

take advantage of the 51 free time, quickly before you want to share some of the articles on the B2C e-commerce wrote down, afraid tomorrow will not be empty.

because the author has been engaged in small and medium enterprises engaged in B2C e-commerce related work, so there are some of my real views and understanding. Just because of personal opinions, so if there is incomplete or unknown place, please forgive me and added.

due to the current work of a duty, has been thinking about the site’s user experience this piece, because the current sales situation is not impressive. I am a shoe city enterprises to work, do is B2C e-commerce SEO this piece of. It is selling shoes online, every day I must be careful to operate this shoes website, the company was the year-end statistics, found from the Internet to generate sales has reached about 1000000, a very large effect on the company’s sales until, from then on I began to really believe in the power of the Internet to e-commerce the.

in the electronic commerce must be the relationship between positive solutions of understanding of the Internet and the electronic commerce website, some people think that is directly proportional relationship, Baidu spent a large sum of money to his big website ranking on the site before even the first, that website will have the list, in fact this is not correct. There are many factors to determine the list of transactions, the most critical point is the user experience determines the list of transactions.

but the user experience we have to stand in the perspective of search engines to think about:

below I will focus on e-commerce is the most critical point of the user experience, the user experience is good, retain customers, naturally there is a list, so there are more sales.

so how to do business website to attract users, retain users

summary: the user experience of the site: the first feeling is better professional website space to stabilize the speed to have the marketing effectiveness of product positioning to precise and thoughtful customer service

1 user experience is the most critical issue, the user on the site, the site’s first impression is crucial to allow users to a site to know what the company is doing, what products to sell.

The overall design style,

2 color collocation, the site layout structure, it is very important to the user, to allow users to view this station, the first feeling of love on this station, see the station is like a big company has the strength of the station, to give users the impression.

3 web site to open faster, if the site is not open for a long time so the user directly away, directly on the loss of the user.

4 on the SEO to consider, do not stack too much pictures and flash, this will affect the site’s access speed.

5 Web site to have the effectiveness of marketing, such as: a detailed introduction of the enterprise, a variety of effective contact, convenient online consultation

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