July China about 80% visits to buy site focused on the top ten sites

iResearch iResearch according to the monitoring data of the network user behavior monitoring tool iUserTracker found that since March 2011, from China’s network group purchase market daily coverage and monthly visits ranked ten before the group purchase website, maintain all monthly visits and the proportion is about 80%, a high degree of market concentration of user group purchase.

Ari analysts believe that the network group purchase market users focus on the reason for the high degree of two: on the one hand, the development of China’s network group purchase websites are typical relatively early, and has formed a certain scale, the website can provide consumers with rich and attractive products and services; on the other hand, users in China have formed group purchase website group purchase consumption habits, and more preference and trust this kind of website. Ai Rui believes that the increasingly fierce competition in the market environment, the future of the site users will further increase the degree of concentration.

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