Reflections on the extension of the Google Adsense restricted approval account

. With the December Google large-scale K on the beginning of the year, a lot of webmaster or cheat by clicking on, and some do make money. But more by K.

cheat most was K more than once. K will re apply, again. This is a Chinese webmaster hard, persevere side, but also makes the whole world sit up and take notice side. This is an excellent traditional Chinese down thousands of years of cultural tradition. We believe that the webmaster oh. Chinese is the world’s most outstanding stationmaster, but there are many details need to pay attention to the local.

GG is a good union money. Although he adjusted the clickable area, click rate is greatly reduced, but compared to other domestic league, and his best. This did not change, is the sorrow. Keep.

Adsense on GG

but there are many webmaster would look far? Many webmaster account is K, and then re apply, suddenly found that approval is not down, getting money off. So when the said application to apply a few account preparation, which is suffering, and this is many webmaster do not have this.

owners only care about the traffic, but ignore how to engage in money. Wait until the date when the food had regret, why not make a few do. Hey.

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