Awful business people how to live

"to dignitaries in front of people, after will suffer, another awful business people from 100-1 million during the daily traffic will be experiencing all the hardships. We do not look at successful network operators have done to the right thing, it should look at the success of the network what is wrong, if we made the same mistakes should be how to solve, don’t let them become we live for


egg pain 1: excessive pursuit of things that do not belong to the current stage of the pursuit of

2011 network is really very impetuous, do Taobao a year to say is Taobao shop expert! The shopkeeper usually more willing to discuss how Juhuasuan, drill or exhibition, the focus map is staring at the Taobao home. Calm down and think about these topics are discussed in line with the current stage of us if you want a monthly turnover of 1 million, the average price of the product to calculate the 100 yuan. Then the transaction requires 20 thousand pens, from the flow rate, according to the conversion rate of at least 20% UV must be 200 thousand. Need to communicate with more than 40 thousand buyers, how many customer service are you equipped with?. Warehouse should be how to manage, the amount of working capital needs, the product is to meet the needs of users, a maximum number of orders can be processed a day. Clear about it, these you can do now? Now I like watching others, hand in hand with my girlfriend and I can only stomp. But think about their own age, not long beard. It is obvious that my priority is to learn more knowledge and gain more experience. You shouldn’t focus on unimportant things.

2: awful network operators should pay attention to what

e-businessmen should pay attention not to sell their own products, but should extract their selling products, selling is one of the buyers are most concerned about. After reading the article to give immediately to see their products in the buyer’s eyes is a kind of state. Product main drawing is able to attract buyers eye, whether the details of the product picture is fine enough, whether the commodity selling point is prominent, whether a comprehensive analysis of the seller under similar marketing tactics. Through the vehicle quality score is high enough, which baby browse high, which baby did not browse. The product flow comes from where, what your competitors are doing? What is the product focus in the eyes of consumers, the product description is not in accordance with the buyers to understand the product ideas for the layout, how much garbage? What are the Taobao channel on the crowd, if participated in the activity flow ratio is how the active channel? How appropriate the commodity price, what is the difference between the activities of Taobao channel, a month what products did not sell one, when this product development is how to locate? When the products have not thought about how to sell this product, because of poor sales is not in accordance with the marketing plan to implement how to make? Their products more in line with the above characteristics of


egg pain 3: how to grasp the activity flow

to engage in activities, flow better, many network operators to participate in activities will think so. Every business wants.

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