The development of e commerce the era of brand winning

careful people will find that the polarization of e-commerce, do better and better to do, it is difficult to do more difficult to do. Taobao people will find that Taobao is more and more difficult to do, but Tmall did not appear this phenomenon. It is said that this focus on the promotion of Tmall and Tmall, which is, of course, an important reason, but more important is the essence of the. Tmall represents brand and quality.

brand is a kind of evaluation and cognition of an enterprise and its products, service and cultural value. You can think you are not more brand products when buying things, especially when buying things on the Internet, if you are the first to buy the same product in the website, subconsciously prefer those better reputation of the brand, not the brand, they do not understand the brand is not generally do not consider.

brand formation is a slow process, if you want to quickly create a brand requires a lot of resources and costs. The formation of the network brand is much faster than the traditional brand, directly to the customer can help us to reduce a lot of unnecessary resources and costs; for example, Han clothing homes.

so how should we build our e-commerce brand


1 to their own brand is a relatively easy to remember the name, the name of the brand is best to give people the feeling of a bright spot, of course, can not be too wonderful, the best product level up.

2 is attached to the value of the brand culture, brand culture value could not be attached to, according to the location of your heart and your products have to deal with the minds of consumers to establish the brand culture and brand culture should be the one to continue, a thought to be out of date.

3 product quality and service, we all know that e-commerce is not visible or touched, in the process of trading in the quality of online services determines the user favorability of your brand, and the quality of user transactions after the quality of goods or services of the users decide about your brand identity, whether whether to buy again and become loyal users.

4 added value, a strict brand added value is the brand culture, sometimes users buy your product is not necessarily because you are a this is what he needs, it is also possible that the added value of your brand. For example, those maishen buy iPhone, is he really must buy iPhone it? No, just because the iPhone represents the taste and face. Taste and face is the added value of iphone.

of course in the brand we should also pay attention to the differences of marketing, to allow customers to understand my competitors and what is different, I’m better than him in? Our website or shop page to design and competitors are not the same, to allow users to have a sense of themselves. If it is to do their own e-commerce site users can also pay attention to the recent Godaddy

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