Product manager trainer idiot bitter and awesome just a turn


"product manager seven: breaking operation", "product manager", "learning the bitter youth product road" the three text we public class share content, then the invitation of a friend to < breaking the > operation on the Internet to share; and many friends and friends agree, thank you for your support!

The following

I will have continued over the years work experience, finishing ideas into words to share with everyone, not necessarily to be able to bring you what help in product work, can only hope that through the real case to bring you some thoughts. Make more friends through the Internet, that’s all.

well, we have some hard today to talk about product managers forced experience. Due to talk about bitter force, many of my friends advised me not to write too calm, humorous, easy; it really stumped me, I seriously thought about, but I am not a humorous person, but often feel lonely, lonely lonely heart from this not to be touched but, I also believe that a good soul is lonely accompany, I think what is missing; as Sun Wukong forgot his Hulk off Transformers blue pants, no deformation, strong east brother and sister want to separate tea.

the truth of suffering

first of all, we should have an understanding of their own, try to give yourself to the classification, we are like in American TV series have a super ability of future youth, or full of small fresh young artists, or rather a short grass to recover Taiwan Taiwan Island young cynic


think we climbed the mountains, lying over the Yangtze River in the Yellow River, came to the imperial capital, lived in the most expensive land, breathing the rich content of the air, every suffering discrimination and humiliation, (here only represent my mood when the subway), we have got what? When someone to interview you: "happy?", you can tell him: "my name is used to make products people I want to ask a question:" what do you think are hard to force? "Now products hot, all Internet Co are engaged in product core strategy, a lot of people will lead to the gang beat products. Think really can change the world, as a result of "Fortress Besieged" said: the people outside the city want to rush into, the city people want to escape.

In fact, these

anxious people, and not want to change the world, but about a promotion or a raise, when the general manager, served as CEO, marry white Formica, walk on the pinnacle of life. When you think that may have become a bitter force of youth.

in the afternoon under the setting sun brainstorming, demand assessment, product report, will eventually become your youth!

we need to know, no matter who is not an idea can change the world, if you are a product manager, more or less will have the following experience:

to do the product planning do not live, every day to find the design of Timeline; Technology

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