Master Lu’s two venture mobile phone recycling is a good business


how core prompt response to changes in the market in the mobile era is quite a reputation in the traditional PC era of Master Lu? Not entangled in the product itself, but another way to become an authoritative platform for second-hand mobile phone recycling.

Lu master is a veteran of the domestic computer hardware testing tools. 2012, Lu master launched a mobile version, the main feature is still the phone’s hardware detection. In the second half of last year, Lu master mobile version quietly on the mobile phone recycling feature, this feature will be extended to the PC version of the beginning of the year.

China’s second-hand mobile phone recycling market how much?

this problem seems to be inconclusive, there is no agency has released authoritative statistics on this market. But we can get some relevant data through the following cognitive:

Internet queen Mary 2014 Meeker version of the Internet trend report released shortly before mentioned, China Mobile Internet users currently reached about 80% of the total number of Internet users in china.

foreign research institutions Gartner report data show that in 2013 China’s smart phone market sales of about 320 million units, while in 2014 the total sales will reach 440 million units.

Internet Consumer Research Center

ZDC in its 2014 "IT old mobile phone users China disposal investigation report" pointed out that over 90% mobile phone users will be old idle, there is no appropriate treatment channels become the main cause.

is not difficult to see from the above data, second-hand mobile phone recycling is actually a piece of the market with considerable size. Master Lu product director He Shiwei told the geeks Park, according to their estimates, the current domestic second-hand mobile phone market has reached 10 million level, the total amount of more than 10 billion.


Lu master why do mobile phone recycling

Master Lu was founded in 2007, but early in 2009 by the Qihoo 360 wholly-owned acquisitions, related hardware products in the 360 basic functions of both the Master Lu team, and Master Lu does not need to assume the revenue pressure. He Shiwei called the mobile phone recycling feature as an "internal venture".

mobile phone recycling market is currently no reference to industry standards, the same phone in different channels offer different. Now users deal with second-hand mobile phones generally have the following several ways:

in the physical store directly to find businesses to sell;

In 58,

market classification information website for the sale of second-hand plate;

dedicated online mobile phone recycling business, such as recycling network, Ruifeng circle;

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