The communication skills of independent shop based on consumer psychology

      following the online system expert hishop ( announced that customer service service extends to the management domain, the research team of hishop as in the past committed to some strategic and tactical network management, and achieved some results. In the future these achievements will continue to publish foreign, hoping to explore together and the vast majority of network operators, now just finishing the online communication skills released up to share with you.

      "smile pioneer, listen to the first one; praise the price Citylink, character backed up" this is many businesses believe a proverb. This is not only useful in reality, the same applies on the internet. When buyers see the goods, ask not to buy. Congratulations on your ideal status. But there is a gap between reality and ideal. The reality is often the communication between the two sides of the day, the buyer said to think about it, then as Huang gone for ever…… However, don’t be discouraged! Ask customer habits of reflex action, as long as there is a buyer to ask the situation, there is definitely a purchase intention (not exclude people ask the situation, so few people), how to seize the customer intention to become his own real customers, the only communication.

      how to communicate? What is it? I’m afraid that I will analyze the communication skills from the perspective of consumer psychology, we summarize five points:

      1, customer memory odd, therefore, the commitment to the customer must be fulfilled, otherwise, you are probably no chance to deal in this life. Do not make a commitment to their products and services, make promises must be honored. Victory by deceit, victory by Germany, the integrity of the development is the hard truth.

      2, the customer’s face in the face, so you have to pay attention to read. We are in the virtual world of negotiations, pay attention to read rely on chat content to judge, such as a white haired chat smiling people looked very comfortable. With some vivid expressions in conversation, so that more than hard words. Another example, the customer said I would consider it, the first. Then we don’t sell products to death, send a blessing,

      wish him a good mood every day, which can leave a good impression on the customers. You can also say: "we have five must immediately notify you, hope you can find your love in our store." It is also a good foundation for the next sale.

      3, people have feelings, so, sales should pay attention to the communication between people. Many sellers do not contact with the buyer after the sale of things, on the one hand, it is necessary to pick up, not busy chatting, contact

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