Biden Wangzhuan how to use document money

yesterday wrote an article "Biden Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan" beiren on several direction in a text, we reacted very well. Many of these people and I visit my blog or Biden Wangzhuan message to me, please show me how to use the document to make money. Today, we give you a detailed talk about how to make use of documents to earn hundreds of dollars a day.

for a long time, the commercial value of the document has not been seen. Until a class of documents for the B2B site appears. These sites are similar to Taobao. To provide users with a platform for the sale of documents. It itself has a very good advertising revenue. The only difference is that every time you sell a document, it will have a corresponding commission. So from this profit model, by selling the document into one hundred yuan is not groundless statement tomorrow. An income by selling documents is Biden Wangzhuan money. Here we recommend several B2B document trafficking platform.

The first is

, Douding network. This is the oldest and largest B2B document website. At present, according to the official said Douding should engage in the occupation of thousands of people on the water. More people are using software to upload. Biden is the use of a call Wangzhuan Douding software to engage in this fighter project. 08 – 09 years is the best time to do it now, Douding, limited Douding, upload more will appear verification code. Fortunately, with the king of beans Biden Wangzhuan biography is pretty good.

second, Dao ke. This is a document should be removed at home second place outside Douding website. The site also has its own advantages. For example, cash withdrawals to support 10 yuan can be cash. This is more than a stronger douding. In cash at least 100 yuan can be provided. For newcomers, Biden started or engage in Wangzhuan recommended road off the good. There is also a lot of bulk upload tools. Specific we can pay attention to my blog, here is not a statement.

third, WEEK8. this B2B site is just the beginning of this year. More restrictions. But he also has his own merits. From the user experience, he should be the best. Because he doesn’t have junk files. The quality of the document is very good. But if you want to make money, it is recommended that the above two.

other B2B document sites also have money, but Biden test again think Wangzhuan, the number of the three best. So the rest is not written. Here we want to talk about Wangzhuan Biden, if only manual upload, can not make a lot of money. Unless you take the route of quality documentation, but where to find the real quality of the document, so we still take the number of good routes.

more information please pay attention to money beiren Wangzhuan:

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