Single page Taobao guest tips short time to create sales miracle

single page do not what Taobao customers, as sales and shopping page, single page has inherent advantages, form of intuitive, allowing users to leave all the main information website at first glance. Compared to the complexity of the current site sales and a huge group of Taobao passenger station, single page Taobao passenger for many webmasters is simple and not easy. How to optimize a single page, how to do rankings, how to make use of limited IP conversion. These are the problems faced by the webmaster. These problems also make a lot of Taobao station long prohibitive, even for a single page, also quickly abandon the domain name for Taobao customer advisory type of website. Today, I would like to share their experience in a single page, a few simple steps, you can get a single page to get a qualitative leap.

1 immediately adjust the content of the page, highlighting the goods

a lot of friends are using a single page template, for example, we often see the magic of a single page template, the foreigner’s single page sales template, bidding with a single page template. These templates can be downloaded on the internet. But the problem is that so many templates, we choose which, what needs to change? Is not the content of the template, if you rely solely on the template, and not try to figure out a single page, then a good template also immediately failure.

the general template will include, product introduction, customer evaluation, contact information, re introduction of goods, sales data, copyright statement. Single page web site has always been to sell products for the purpose, therefore, to highlight the image of the product to maximize the display of goods to attract users. How to highlight, I summed up a set of simple and effective method. Such as electronic cigarette products. The function of the electronic cigarette, the user’s confusion, the degree of popularity, the way through the cartoon, the image of electronic smoke to show. Be able to communicate directly, allowing users to pay attention to, remember your site.

2 understand what the user wants, you must think

TV ads we have seen, through the language and video to convey sales information, the word is very tempting. However, the empty slogan is certainly not enough. Many of the site’s failure is to imitate the style of television advertising, slogans, pictures do very shocking, but the content is empty.

What is the magic weapon of the

watch user shopping psychology, empathy. Know what the user wants, what you think, you can better sell your goods. Imitation is not wrong, but will not be innovative, will not combine your actual situation, a single page web site can bring up the flow of air.

3 single page website elements, talk about their own optimization experience

single page website, personal feeling, more depends on sales and marketing experience. I have read a lot of single page website case, some cases every day only a few IP, but can reach more than 50% of the conversion rate, some day can have thousands of IP, the conversion rate is less, but the base, there are a large number of sites, there is no air flow, click basically. These cases, synthesis, problem >

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