The end of the road network is higher

had to be considered from the people can not see the sun go to the industry is now a lot of people yearning for SOHO (work at home), in Chinese passed through many years, a number of industry professionals engaged in Wangzhuan the earliest now has become the Internet elite. As chairman Pang Shengdong 99 years engaged in foreign Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, do earn first pot of gold, then started to build, now has become the second China SNS website, the first to become China Wangzhuan billionaire

!Of course we can not

can become Wangzhuan elite, whether it is the lowest level of the click, surfing Wangzhuan hand or to toil, advertising for a living middle Wangzhuan webmaster, actually we are in for the wedding dress for others. We have the right to decide in the hands of others, especially in China’s Internet regulations are not perfect now, the union buckle your money how do you, I tell you no way. So I want to do Wangzhuan for their lifelong career friends, your way is to give the final. The network is a very broad concept, as the name suggests is the online merchants, is doing business on the Internet. Now Taobao, Alibaba are concentrated in the network, but these places are mostly from the transform of the traditional merchant to. And we do Wangzhuan into other network operators have our advantage, the biggest advantage of our own flow. We have our own traffic to sell their products, it is equivalent to our own shops. Before our own traffic advertising, the other is to help others sell. Now help yourself to sell, you are not cool, earn more. We will not go to see how much traffic statistics every day, the union account plus no money.

how do we quickly enter the network industry and succeed? Give play to their own advantages, has its own website, find your site visitor’s needs. If you do is a beauty weight loss class website, selling weight loss drug is much stronger than GG, selling a set is to earn hundreds of pieces. Some people ask, how to come to this product, I do not have to give you three ads to find the product is absolutely popular. First, go to Taobao to see hot selling products, cooperation with the owner. Second, agent TV shopping products, it is easy to sell. Third, to Alibaba wholesale purchase. There are a number of local characteristics of agricultural products, which in the Internet to sell or wholesale business is surprisingly good, agricultural competition is not very intense, farmers or less on the internet. Have the advantage of Wangzhuan friends, to seize the initiative. Use your SEO to the front of the search, that a single to earn tens of thousands, up one hundred thousand. Wangzhuan friends, from now on you to give way. This paper first Yifei Wangzhuan Research Blog

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