Easy squiggly in fact Wangzhuan is on your side

do network marketing friends especially personal Adsense, every day in the discussion in Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, discuss techniques, although very small to understand this is not a crooked, but some time ago experience, and also to share some experience for everyone! Saying that it is also from a beauty group information in the beginning of March:

"for only 19 yuan! The highest value of $65 of the anti – Paradise? Star legend of the value of the option of a good entertainment package of the election of 1 (adult package: game currency + – + + + + + + + + 2 round of the carousel tickets; parents package: Maze ticket + carousel" (). KK MALL store exchange, a number of branch general. Warm family leisure sharing, childlike innocence and enjoyable."


lives near KKmall, when nothing is often used to stroll, and know that inside a StarCraft game hall, so keep the purchase of a group, 30 coins, on the night of the past exchange, I found the ticket exchange group and not many, most parents give their how old the children buy. I think at that time, whether you can buy some other group purchase over to resell? Most play this kind of game is all students in the city of Shenzhen, to global game room often are generally rich (at least I think so), just do it, quickly ran home to, because of the Internet banking card enough money, had to brush 1900 yuan credit card group, 100




below is how to sell my network through the network to fight the game of money, 1 days after this buy time to announce the end of the group buy. So I started the way to promote the network of anti money currency, a total of about 10 pieces of external information about +5 forum posts +2 local QQ group + nearly a week’s time =3000 game currency sales completed.

process and network marketing experience extraction:

a good product:

1, due to the recent rise of the group buying site, this group of people to buy information mostly hold a wait and see attitude, do not want to spend a lot of money to buy the product!

2, buy products, the price is generally low. Small crooked probably calculated, the anti rent paradise game currency store to buy 1.5 yuan / one, cheap membership card about $0.83 / one, but after the recharge need to consume per month (


3, the product will not expire, reduce the cost of risk. This kind of game currency does not have a shelf life, in addition to the game city generally does not appear price cuts, etc.. (because there is a membership mechanism)

4, Shenzhen anti paradise game currency city 12 stores can be universal.

two, good price:

due to the low price of the game to buy the group, after investigating the store price, I priced at 0.75-0.8 yuan /, the specific price depends on the number of demand. Generally go to play the basic friends can accept the relative store 1.5 yuan / price has been very suction

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