The monthly income of 10000 yuan a series of Wangzhuan industry chain

is Wangzhuan money online, the word has been long-standing in China, many owners are also keen on this land, hope this points a piece to make money for themselves, some MONEY. At the beginning of the day is to understand to understand the earn series, was fooled into the industry, from now on this crazy people crazy website. From the know to start operating their projects and so on step by step after about a period of more than three years, personally think that is quite some understanding, so here today to give you an analysis now Wangzhuan the status of industry chain. We hope to be useful, welcome to my blog Shanhaiguan Chuangwang to discuss Wangzhuan pointing, but refused to all comers, not

, ha ha!

first I will Wangzhuan industry chain is divided into three parts: traffic flow producers, storage, traffic and consumption of these three most.


flow producers that the flow of the production and guide the role of attraction. The members include: webmaster Wangzhuan, network promotion and so on. He is the lowest level of the industrial chain, equivalent to the real life of the staff, they make the most basic raw materials for the entire industry chain, for the processing of refining, to make the finished products, such as providing services.

flow storage is the integration of the flow of storage. This member reports: advertising alliance, exchange chain, etc.. He is Wangzhuan industry chain of the middle class, is mainly responsible for the acquisition of the industrial chain of raw materials, the simple grinding, which provides services for the upper layer.

traffic consumption that is the flow of consumer conversion. The members include: advertising, business, auction and so on, he is the top of the industrial chain, they will acquire blank processing packaging good (i.e. the flow guide will double its value transformation) can be realized (sell services, training, provide SEO help, can also sell products, such as bidding


traffic that is independent of individual Internet users, all links around the flow, there is a flow of cash, the value of the benefits of different aspects of different. The higher the industry chain, the value of its interests is growing. So we should strive for the upstream industry chain, grasp the initiative to master the right to speak the whole industry, we have to formulate the rules of the game, if a single industry in the bottom, only in human Daozu, I fish for the passive situation. Just like the plush toys made in China to sell only a few dollars, but the export was immediately sold to dozens of foreigners, but the label is still made in china. The same thing, but at different levels of the industrial chain, his value is different.

Although each link has its value of

access (benefits), each link has bigger and stronger opportunities. But not everyone does it, it gets stronger and bigger. Find their own strengths, good at promoting the flow of producers to do, good at doing the flow of technology to save the store (do the platform), good at sales transformation or have to do the bidding when the flow of consumers. And in this process to establish their own core competitiveness – independent brand. In order to own traffic

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